Jackyl - 'Live at the Full Throttle Saloon' DVD
                                                                                                                                                Released through sanctuary Records in 2004
Jesse Dupree - vocals, guitar, chainsaw
Chris Worthy - drums
Jeff Worthy - guitar
Roman Glick - bass

1.) "The more You hate it"
2.) "I stand Alone"
3.) "Mr. Evil"
4.) "You Want it Heavy"
5.) "Push comes to shove"
6.) "secret of the Bottle"
7.) "When will it Rain"
8.) "Down on Me"
9.) "Dirty little Mind"
10.) "Redneck Punk"
11.) "She loves my C*ck"
12.) "Billy Badass"
13.) "The Lumberjack"

    The bass asses from Atlanta are back with their first ever live DVD.  The DVD consist of a live concert taped at the Sturgis bike rally  in 2003 with special features that include the video for "Billy Badass" a cooking section and a section where the band shows off their music equipment. 
    The set list the band choose for that night consisted of thirteen songs. The concert opens with former WCW/WWE superstar Bill Goldberg announcing the band.  At times the video quality of the DVD is similar to a home movie.  This effect really put the concert footage on a personal basis with the person watching it.  At times you really will feel like you are there.  Musically the band only made one mistake and that was the vocal lead in for "Push comes to Shove".  The recovery of the screw up was so smooth that only die-hard Jackyl fans will even notice.  Jesse does a great job by getting the crowd to participate with the band, there even is a time when he invites several women from the audience up on stage up him.  The only real down side to the recording is the fact that at times the background music is so loud that it was very hard to understand the vocals.  Over the years I have had the chance to see Jackyl before they recorded their first CD and after the band became a big success. I can honestly testify that with Jackyl you are going to get your moneys worth and the concert footage on this DVD is no exception. 
    The special features consist of a cooking section where Roman and Chris teach you the proper way to cook on a tour bus.  There also is a section where the band shows you what equipment they use during a live performance.  Then rounding the DVD out is the video for "Billy Badass".
    This DVD is an absolute must have for all Jackyl fans world-wide!!!