IRON MAIDEN – ‘Live After Death’ (double DVD set) Released in 2008


Bruce Dickinson - vocals

Steve Harris - bass

Dave Murray - guitar

Adrian Smith - guitar

Nicko McBrain - drums

That is not dead.

 Which can eternal be. 

Yet with strange aeons even death must die”
H.P. Lovecraft







'Live After Death'

The original VHS release was filmed over four nights between March 14, 1985 and March 18, 1985 at Long Beach Arena located in Long BeachCalifornia. 

1.) Churchhill Speech/”Aces High”

2.) "2 Minutes To Midnight"

3.) "The Trooper"

4.) "Revelations"

5.) "Flight Of The Icarus"

6.) "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"

7.) "Powerslave"

8.) "Revelations"

9.) "Flight Of The Icarus"

10.) "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"

11.) "Powerslave"

12.) "Number Of The Beast"

13.) "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

14.) "Iron Maiden"

15.) "Run To The Hills"

16.) "Running Free"

17.) "Sanctuary"

History of Iron Maiden:

part 2 - Live After Death (60 min)

Behind The Iron Curtain:

documentary (approx. 57 min)

Rock In Rio '85:

Live Footage (50 min)

'ELLO Texas:

(15 min)


Promotinal Clips:

"Aces High" & "2 Minutes To Midnight"

On December 18th, 1983, at the end of their 143 date World Piece Tour, Iron Maiden did the unthinkable and killed their longtime mascot and friend Eddie.  Eddie’s death came swiftly with Dave Murray driving the neck of his fender guitar through Eddie’s neck.  This was the cause of three months in the studio and nine months on the road.  After a small vacation the band hit the studio. On September 3, 1984, the guys emerged with album number 5 titled, ‘Powerslave’.  To Bruce, ‘Powerslave’ was the “Slaves to the power of the tour.”  Though ‘Powerslave’ was the band’s fifth and they were already considered heavy-hitters among heavy metal fans world-wide, it was not until the release of this album and the tour that followed were they recognized for it! 

On the days of March 14-17, 1984 the heavy metal band Iron Maiden filmed performances for what would be titled ‘Live After Death’.  The shows were recorded while the band was on their World Slavery Tour.  The actual audio version f this DVD has been heavily regarded as one of the greatest heavy metal live albums ever recorded.  Long Beach Arena in Los Angeles, CA, with the tour going into its eighth month and the songs virtually honed to perfection, was the ideal place to do this!

The cover art was as usual at the time for the Iron Maiden albums done by Derek Riggs ( and pictures the band’s mascot, Eddie, who was also created by Derek, rising from the grave.  The quote on the tombstone (see above) was a quote from the horror/fantasy author H.P. Lovercraft’s ‘The Nameless City’.

Disc one consists of the ‘Live After Death’ concert that was originally released on VHS.  Some of the main notices you will find is the sound is now not only stereo but also 5.1 surround.   You may also notice the image is a little cleaner.  The concert opens all black with nothing but the sound of Sir Winston Churchill.  The speech Churchill is saying comes from his speech he gave to the House of Commons on June 4, 1940, this kicks in the track titled, “Aces High”.  One of the first things you will notice is the sound transfer from 2.0 to 5.1 is utterly amazing!  As always and that does not matter if it is live or on film Iron Maiden is dead on and sound great!!!  The set design the band chose for this tour has the stage setting looking like the inside of an Egyptian tomb.  One of the things I found very cool about the set design was how the disguised the amps to look like hieroglyphic tomb art.  This was one of the few set designs that I thought not only fit the title of the CD, but also the surrounding songs.  The version of The Trooper” on this DVD was filmed on the second night.  My only real complaint was during the song, “Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”, you could barely hear the main speech.  Eddie makes his first appearance during “Number Of The Beast”.  One of the things I found kind of strange was during the song “Number Of The Beast”, Bruce only sang one of the sixes during the chorus lead-in.  I don’t know if this was something the band chose to do or if California or the United States made the band.  The back drop behind Nicko’s drums change several times.  However, at one point during the show the exchanges into an Eddie Sphinx.  During the song “Iron Maiden” the sphinx cracks open and exposes a bigger mummified Eddie.  Usually the band will switch their back drop depending on the song however, for this tour the band did not.

          Disc II is packed with not only the promotional videos from the album, but also a couple extra concerts and two documentaries.  There is one thing for sure Iron Maiden is one of the few bands that really know how to treat a fan.  If you’re a metal head there is one and only one DVD that you must buy!!!!