Iron Maiden - 'Death On The Road' (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                                Released in 2006 through Sanctuary Records
Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Dave Murray - lead & rhythm guitars
Adrian Smith - lead & rhythm guitars
Janick Gers - lead & rhythm guitars
Steve Harris - bass
Nico McBrain - drums
    additional musicians:
Michael Kenney - keyboards

Death On The Road: Live Concert in 5.1
Recorded live at Westenfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany on Monday November 24, 2003.
Set List:
1.) Intro - Declamation
2.) "Wildest Dreams"
3.) "Wrathchild"
4.) "Can I Play With Madness"
5.) "The Trooper"
6.) "Dance Of Death"
7.) "Rainmaker"
8.) "Brave New World"
9.) "Paschendale"
10.) "Lord Of The Flies"
11.) "No More Lies"
12.) "Hallowed By Thy Name"
13.) "Fear Of The Dark"
14.) "Iron Maiden"
15.) "Journeyman"
16.) "The Number Of The Beast"
17.) "Run To The Hills"
Death On The Road: Live Concert in stereo
Same as disc I only in stereo
Special features disc:
1.) "Death On The Road" - Documentary (75 minutes)
2.) "Life On The Road"  - Documentary (45 minutes)
3.) "The Fans" - Documentary (15 minutes)
4.) "EPK" - (15 minutes)
5.) "Promotional Videos"
6.) "Photo & Art Work Galleries"

    Running at approximately 105 minutes Iron Maiden chose a well-balanced set list that consists of some of the band's biggest hits.  One of the many things that catch your eye when the stage lights come on is the massive stage set.  Not since the early eighties have I seen a stage set this massive.  There is one thing for sure when you go to a Maiden show you are going to get your money’s worth.  This is one reason they sell out every night the band plays.  From the opening chord of “Wildest Dreams” there is a huge wall of guitar sound due to the fact Iron Maiden now consists of three guitarists.  Even at Iron Maiden’s age they take command of the stage giving the fans one-hindered and fifteen percent!  The way they mixed the 5.1 gives you the feeling you are right on stage with the band.  One thing I was surprised to see Jannick using chords instead of going wireless.  This added a certain degree of difficulty to Bruce’s stage performance.  Adrian and Dave have always shared lead guitar duty and now with the addition of Jannick on lead guitar it gives the older eighties songs a heavier sound.  Bruce does “Dance Of Death” as if he was at masquerade ball.  This adds to the band’s stage performance.  During the song, “Iron Maiden” there is a huge Eddie that rises up behind Nicko’s drum kit.  During the encore, a second Eddie comes out.  This one is mobile.  The "Death On The Road" documentary contains interviews with the band and producers as they breakdown some of the tracks on 'Dance Of Death".  The documentary "Life On The Road" gives you a first hand look on how a tour is run from the people that run it.  This is by far one of the best, if not the best concert DVD’s ever released!