Heaven & Earth - 'The Making Of Heaven & Earth' featuring Stuart Smith (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Released in 2007 through Black Star Records

I.) Scene Selection:
1.) Introduction
2.) How It All Began
3.) Getting The Deal
4.) How Everyone Met
5.) The Songs
II.) The Songs: (individual breakdown of each track from 'Heaven & Earth')
1.)"'Don't Keep Me Waiting"
2.) "Heaven & Earth"
3.) "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"
4.) "When A Blind Man Cries"
5.) "Life On The Line"
6.) "Dreams Of Desire"
7.) "Still Got The Blues"
8.) "Do You Ever Think Of Me"
9.) "It's Got To Be Love"
10.) "Shadow Of The Tybern Tree"
11.) "Road To Melbourne"
12.) "When The Blues Catches Up With You"
13.) "Memories"
14.) "Trouble In Paradise"
15.) "Lose My Number"
16.) "The Eyes Of A Man"
III.) Live Footage:
1.) "Heaven & Earth"
2.) "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"
3.) "Dreams Of Desire"
4.) "When A Blind Man Cries"
5.) "Gavotte In E Major"
6.) "Do You Ever Think Of Me?"
7.) "It's Gotta Be Love"
8.) "Shadow Of The Tyburn Tree"
9.) "When The Blues Catch Up With You"
10.) "The Eyes Of Man"
11.) "When The Stars Collide"
IV:) Stories & Shenanigans:
1.) The Jeff Beck Table Story
2.) It's All About Ritchie
3.) Scott Warren And The Aliens
4.) Bloopers
5.) Blackmoore & Smith Up To No Good
6.) Pat Hates The Irish
7.) Messing With Pat
8.) Joe Lynn & Sturt Writing Alma D' Alma
9.) Joe Lynn Gets Busted
10.) Teddy Plays The Blues
11.) The Screaming Cocktail Hour
12.) Stuart Smith Sucks
V.) Bonus Material:
1.) production
2.) Stuart's Equipment
3.) Ritchie's Equipment

    In Early 1995, guitarist Staurt Smith along with Ritchie Onori (drums), Melvin Sperling (bass), Robbie Wykoff (vocals), along with legendary ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson formed the Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability.  The name Alien of Extraordinary Ability comes from a category with the U.S. Immigration application, which is if you can do something unique they categorize you as Alien of Extraordinary ability.  After gaining, quite a following Keith Emerson left the band to re-form Emerson Lake and Palmer.  I believe it was also during this time Stuart took a small stint with the seventies glam band Sweet.  A couple of years later Stuart hooked back up with Ritchie and began working on songs that would eventually become ‘Heaven & Earth’. 
    ‘The making of Heaven & Earth’ DVD features interviews from many of hard rocks heaviest hitters such as; Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Ritchie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Howard Leese (Heart), Carmine Appice (Beck, Bogart & Appice), Jay Schellan & Kelly Hansen (Hurricane), Tony Andreas (Guns ‘n’ Roses), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Al Mirikitani, Pat Regan (producer).  The beginning of the DVD takes the viewer from the inception of Aliens of Extraordinary up through Stuart Smith getting his record deal (Which, Stu I am afraid you have started a trend on how a musician gets their deal.) to the actual recording of the ‘Heaven & Earth’ CD.  This section here with Jay Schellen, Kelly Hansen and Stuart will keep you in stitches, especially if you have ever played in a band cause; every musician has been through the " it’s a lead singer thing”.  One of the many features on this DVD is a breakdown of each song individually by Stuart Smith and the other musicians who helped write them.  ex. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” musical arrangement came from a Stuart Smith play on the Deep Purle song “No No No” taken from the band’s ‘Fireball’ album released on September of 1971.  This aspect of the DVD is something that should be mandatory (way to go Stu!!!)  The live footage of the band consists of eleven tracks taken from the ‘Heaven & Earth’ DVD plus some rare footage of the Aliens of Extraordinary performing live.  When watching the live performances it doesn’t take one long to see how big of a Ritchie Blackmoore fan Stuart is.  An off the top of my head I cannot think of a better guitarist to mimic you sound after.  Moreover, I mean that in the utmost respect for Stuart & Ritchie both!

    I have said for years if there was one CD in my personal collection I could pick an say it was my favorite it would be Stuart Smith’s – ‘Heaven & Earth’ and after watching this DVD anyone could see why.  ‘The Making of Heaven & Earth’ contains everything you ever wanted to know about Stuart’s freshman release from how he acquired the record contact (please don’t try this at home…lol) to how the songs were written.
    Some of the live footage was not of the best quality.  Nevertheless, that is ok considering this is a documentary not a concert DVD (I hope we can see a Heaven & Earth concert DVD in Stuart’s future…hint…hint).  Under no circumstances if you own the CD you should be without the DVD!!!  They are one in the same and is a great companion!