Dismember - 'Live Blasphemies' DVD
                                                                                                                                                    Released on Escapi Entertainment in 2004
Matti Karki - vocals
Fred Estby - drums
David Blomqvist - guitars
Martin Persson - guitars
Rickard Cabeza - bass

1.) "Dismembered"
2.) "Soon to be Dead"
3.) "Casket Garden"
4.) "Of Fire"
5.) "Bleed for Me"
6.) "Skinfather"
7.) "Misanthropic"
8.) "I saw them Die"
9.) "Skin Her Alive"
10.) "In Death's Sleep"
11.) "Hate Campain"

    In 1988 then guitarist Fed Estby formed the band Dismember.  It was in those early stages of the band that Fred made the decision to switch from guitar to drums.  The main reason for switching to drums was the fact that there just wasn't any death metal drummers at that time.  Even though in 1988 the godfather's of death metal 'Slayer' had been out for several years death metal much like today was still very underground and just in the early stages of being born.  
    Dismember's 'Live in Blasphemies' is a two DVD set.  The first DVD consist of a full blown Dismember concert filmed on their 2003 tour in Stockholm Sweden.  The set list included eleven songs taken from the bands; six studio releases.  There also is a biography, discography, and image gallery included on this disc.  Disc 2 is an interview documentary with Matti, Fred, David.  Interlaced within the interview is concert footage dating all the way back to the first Dismember tour in 1988.  For me personally I found disc 2 more interesting than disc one, mainly because I was never that big of a fan of death metal.  With that being said I have to add that if you are into death metal then 'Live in Blasphemies' is an absolute must have, these guys are pioneers in that genre.  If a band like 'Slayer' is the godfather's of death metal than dismember should be considered as the father.