Cinderella - 'In Concert' (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                                Released through Dead Line in 2005
Tom Keifer - lead vocals, 6 & 12 string guitar, slide guitar, piano
Eric Brittingham - bass, backing vocals
Jeff LaBAR - 6 & 12 string guitar, backing vocals
Fred Coury - drums, percussion, backing vocals

1.) "The More Things Change"
2.) "Push Push"
3.) "Sick For The Cure"
4.) "Make My Own Way"
5.) "Night Songs"
6.) "Back Home Again"
7.) "Somebody Save Me"
8.) "Heartbreak Station"
9.) "Coming Home"
            ("Bad Seamstress Blues" -electric)
10.) "Falling Apart At The Seams"
11.) "Love's Got Me Doing Time"
             (drum solo)
12.) "Love Gone Bad"
13.) "Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's Gone)"
14.) "Nobody's Fool"
15.) "Gypsy Road"
16.) "Shake Me"
17.) "Shelter Me"

A Brief History:
    Mötley Crüe will go down in history as the godfathers of the eighties heavy metal sound. Taking a lot of their sound from great seventies bands such as: ‘Sweet’, ‘London’, and the ‘New York Dolls’. However, it would be Mötley Crüe’s attitude both on and off stage that would set the standard for the era. Sometime between the years of 1981 and 2000 the genre of eighties heavy metal was changed to hair metal. (Too me it’s all rock ‘n’ roll)
    Sometime between 1984 and 1985, Jon Bon Jovi lead vocalist for the hard rock band Bon Jovi caught the performance of a young Philadelphia quintet by the name of Cinderella. Jon was so impressed with what he saw at the club that night that he pulled some strings and got the band signed to Mercury/PolyGram records. Which just happen to be the same label Bon Jovi were recording under at the same time.
    In 1986, Cinderella released their debut album titled “Night Songs” to very mixed reviews. “Night songs” was by no means, what you would call a dreadful album. Numerous rock critics at the time compared Cinderella as a second-rate Bon Jovi imitation band. Many of these same rock critics probably based their judgment on the fact that Jon Bon Jovi helped get the band signed. After touring successfully as an opening act for Bon Jovi the band hit the studio to begin working on their next release. “Long Cold Winter” Cinderella’s follow-up to “Night Songs” was released in early 1988. Unlike the bands’ first release “Night Songs”, “the ten tracks the band wrote for “Long Cold Winter” where blues based from beginning to end. Cinderella would begin the year as an opening act for AC/DC by the time single “Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone)” is released Cinderella will be headliners. In 1990, Cinderella released their third album titled ‘Heartbreak Station”. Keeping with the chemistry of a bluesed-based Aerosmith/Rolling Stones sound it looked like 1990 was gearing up to be another great year for the band. While on the “Heartbreak Station” tour in 1991, the band videotaped a live performance in Detroit Michigan. Even though the band has never spit up and since 1991, they have released five CD’s in total. (One studio release, three greatest hits, and one live recording)

DVD Review:
   I have had the chance to see Cinderella twice.  The first time was when they opened for Bon Jovi on the "Night Songs" tour, and then the second time was when they opened for AC/DC on the "Long Cold Winter" Tour.  Both times the band has completely amazed me!!  Without sounding to conceded in the twenty-two years I have been going to concerts I have seen just about every band that has came through my area at one time or another.  An if I sat down and ranked those bands according to stage presence and sound Cinderella's performances would be ranked #3.  A close running behind Great White with the Scorpions taking the #1 position. 
    Taped in 1991 the audio was completely re-mastered in to 2.1 stereo and 5.1 surround sound.  That's right folks I said 5.1 surround sound.  At times the video quality of the concert footage has a dustiness to it.  So you can definitely tell the DVD was ripped right off the VHS.  I would have the technicians working on this would have tried to make it as clear as possible.  An for all I know they did.  Since I wasn't the one working on it and it is not my area of expertise, I really can't say.  Here is what I will say, what little bit of dustiness the footage has does not hinder the performance or your viewing pleasure.
    The set list the guys chose for this tour was perfect.  You get seventeen of the bands greatest hits.  They played everything that night.  All seventeen songs were performed exactly as they where written except the instrumental, "Bad Seamstress Blues"  the guys chose to do the song electric instead of acoustically.
   If your a fan of Cinderella or into eighties style hard rock than this DVD will be an absolute must have.  An if you are a music fan who where to young to remember the eighties you should also check the DVD out.  So you can see how a concert is suppose to be done!!!