Cactus – ‘Live Loud & Proud (dvd)

Released through MVD Visual in 2010

Carmine Appice – drums
Tim Bogert – bass
Jim McCarty – guitar
Randy Pratt – harmonica
Jimmy Kunes – vocals

I.) The Set List:

1.) “Let Me Swim”
2.) “Long Tall Sally”
3.) “
One Way Or Another”
4.) “Cactus Music”
5.) “Brother Bill”
6.) “Muscle And Soul”
7.) “Oleo”/bass solo
8.) “Evil”/drum solo
9.) The Groover”
10.) “Part Of The Game”
11.) “Rock And Roll Children”
12.) “Big Mama Boogie”
13.) “Parchman Farm”
II.) Interviews with the band
III.) Music video for “The Groover”
IV.) Testimonials from Vinnie Moore (UFO), Shawn Drover (Megadeth), Ty Taylor (Kings X), Uli John Roth (The Scorpions), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and more.
V.) Special appearances by Warren Haynes, Pat Travers and Joe Bonamassa.

European bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple are credited has having creating heavy metal.  Only true metal coinsures mention America’s Blue Cheer Steppenwolf, Vanilla Fudge.
In the late sixties Vanilla Fudge bassist Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice left the band to form Cactus.  In the beginning Cactus was suppose to include legendary guitarist Jeff Beck and then unknown vocalist Rod Stewart.  However, Beck had an automobile accident and was out of the music scene for over a year so Rod Stewart joined Ronnie Wood in The Faces.   Due to these unforeseen bumps in the road Carmine & Tim brought in Jim McCarty (Mitch Ryder’s Detroit Wheels) and vocalist Rusty Day (Amboy Dukes).  Bogert said it best what kept Cactus from being the American Led Zeppelin was the fact they were so good no one would let them be an opening act.  The band released three albums titled, ‘Cactus’ (1970), ‘One Way…Or Another’ (1971), ‘Restrictions’ (1971) before interband troubles led to McCarty quitting at the end of 1971. Shortly afterwards Day was fired from the group. The fourth and last Cactus album ('Ot 'N' Sweaty) featured original rhythm section Bogert and Appice joined by Werner Fritzschings on guitar, Duane Hitchings on keyboards and Peter French (ex-Leaf Hound and Atomic Rooster) on vocals.  Not long after the release of ‘’Ot ‘N’ Sweaty’ Carmine and Tim disbanded the group.  This was due in part to the fact no one would hire the band as an opening act.
Sometime between 2000 & 2006 Randy Pratt (Riot, The Lizards) persistently nagged Jim McCarty to go and see Vanilla Fudge when they came into town and Jim finally in 2006 giving in.  Neither this DVD nor reunion would have probably ever taken place.  In many ways this would be a bitter sweet reunion. In 1982 original lead vocalist Rusty Day (Music History Lesson Rusty was in the running to replace Bon Scott of AC/DC)was shot to death over a cocaine related incident.  Cactus ask vocalist Jimmy Kunes (Savoy Brown) to join the band.


     The concert consisted of a set list of thirteen songs from their five album catalog.  Two of these songs “Oleo” (taken from the 1970 album ‘Cactus’) and “Evil” (taken from the 1971 album ‘Restrictions’ and also a cover song by the legendary blues master Howlin’ Wolf) are solos “Oleo”-bass solo, “Evil”-drum solo.  Anyone who knows me knows the way I feel about solos.  There are a hand full of people who need to be doing them if you are not one of those people then don’t do them!  Tim falls into this category.  That’s not saying Tim is a bad bassist he falls into what I call groove masters.  A bassist who locks into the groove with the drummer and stays there which actually is the way bass players use to play.  However, Carmine does fall into the category.  If you do not give solo time to someone who stands up and goes nuts on just their drum sticks you’re crazy!!!! As a drummer myself I am currently bowing to the master.  If you listen to the original songs Bogert is right in saying Cactus is the American Led Zeppelin because there isn’t that much of a difference in the way Cactus with Rusty and early Zeppelin sounds.  The bonus content includes a video for the song “Thr Groover” which was taken off the new album, interviews with the band members, along with a testimonial section.  The testimonial section includes such artist as Vinnie Moore (UFO), Ty Taylor (Kings X).  Too me the testimonial section had script feel to it.   The bottom line is the DVD is an absolute must have for all Cactus fans.