Bonfire - 'Double Vision' (DVD)
                                                                                                                                                                                            Released through LZ Records in 2007
Claus Lessmann - vocals
Hans Ziller - guitars
Uwe Köhler - bass
Jürgen “Bam Bam” Wiehler - drums & percussion
Chris "Yps" Limburg - guitars

I.) Set List:
Live at "Firefest III" from Nottingham's Rock City
1.) "Day 911"
2.) "But We Sill Rock"
3.) "Never Mind"
4.) "Under Blue Skies"
5.) "Hot To Rock"
6.) "Don't Touch The Light"
7.) "Tony's Roulette"
8.) "Give It A Try"
9.) "American Nights"
10.) "Hard On Me"
11.) "Sweet Obsession"
12.) "Ready 4 Reaction"
13.) "Bang Down The Door"

II.) Bonus Features:
1.) 'The Videos'
a.) "Starin' Eyes"
b.) "Sweet Obsession"
c.) "Sleeping All Alone"
d.) "Hard On Me"
e.) "Sword And Stone"
2) 'Bonus Live Footage'
a.) "Under Blue Skies"
b.) "Sweet Home Alabama"
c.) "Proud Of My Country"
3.) 'Behind The Scenes Footage'

From Cacumen to Bonfire:
    Around 1972 in the West German town of Ingolstadt teenage guitarists Hans & Karl Ziller formed the rock band Cacumen.  The two brothers recruited several friends to round out the band.  The name Cacumen came from a test Hans had taken in school and when translated from Latin it means, ‘the top of the mountain’.  For the next six years, Cacumen playing at local small venues gaining a fan base especially in their hometown.  Han asked Claus Lessman, who was already well known for his melodic vocal lines to join the band in 1983.  The band asked Hanns Schmidt Theissen, who played on the band’s “Riding Away” single, if they could use his home recording studio to record their first full length album.  After recording the album ‘Bad Widow’ Hanns tried to help the band obtain a record contract, however he was unsuccessful.  After updating the band’s image to the then eighties hard rock look, the record company RCA offers the band a recording contract.  The label tells the boys that the band name Cacumen was too difficult for your average rock fan to pronounce and they should change it.  What emerged after a brain storming session in 1986 was Bonfire.  June of that same year Bonfire release their first ever worldwide release titled, “Don’t Touch The Light” (“Which, is a essential hard rock classic that every hard rock fan must own!”)  Bonfire’s follow-up album titled, ‘Fireworks’ consisted of the single, “I’m Sleeping All Alone” which, was rotated on MTV’s ‘Headbanger’s Ball’.  This will be the last album the band releases commercially within he United States.  As the band began, working on what would become their third release, founding member Hans Ziller started to have problems with the record label.  Against Bonfire’s better judgment, the band decides to fire founding member Hans Ziller.  Never getting over the firing of Hans along with the compounded feeling of failure due to the lack of success in North America after four albums, Claus will leave the band in September of ’92.  Bonfire hired lead vocalist Michael Bormann of Jaded Heart to replace Claus.  However, despite the hiring, the record label refused to release any new material that did not have Claus, and shelved the CD.  So instead the band released a live CD consisted of live material recorded while the band was on the ‘Point Break Tour’ that featured Claus on vocals.  In June of ’94, the band decided to call it quits and split up.  Meanwhile, Claus reunited with Hans and formed Lessmann/Ziller.  Together the two recorded one EP titled, ‘Glaub Dran’ released in 1993.  Just like in the late seventies Claus & Hans started to gain a small following, when it dawned on them they needed to be Bonfire once more!  The duo started legal proceedings to get the rights to the Bonfire name as well as the music the band recorded from 1986 to 1992 which, consisted of the albums; ‘Don’t Touch The Light’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Point Blank’ and ‘Knockout’.  After a successful legal battle, Lessmann/Ziller changed their name to Bonfire and since 1996 the band has released at least one CD per year surpassing their 1980’s popularity. 
Bonfire - 'Double Vision Live'
    Saturday October 28th 2006 on the main day at Nottingham, England’s Rock City’s ‘Firefest III’ is when and were this DVD was filmed.  Usually at festivals such as ‘Firefest’ artists have to cut setlists down do to time restraints, but this is not the case with this Bonfire DVD.  The band chose a well-rounded thirteen-song setlist that spans their twenty-year career, which includes thirteen studio releases.  In fact unlike most artists who revolve their setlist around their latest release, Bonfire only perform two songs of their latest studio release titled, ‘Double X’ which, was released on May 26, 2006.  The fact that this is the first live DVD the band has ever released maybe the reason the band picked this setlist.  Either way I have no complaints outside of the fact I would have loved to see and hear the song, I’m Sleeping All Alone” off of Bonfire’s 1988 release titled, ‘Fireworks’.  Never the less being a longtime Bonfire fan I am not going to complain about the setlist.  Even though this was the first time I have ever had the chance to see the band live, I am familiar enough with their music to say they were dead on the money that night, never missing a note!  Vocally Claus is in his prime and this live performance really displays his vocal strength.  Bonus features included within the DVD is five music videos, and three bonus live songs, plus behind the scenes footage of the band backstage.  If you are a fan of Bonfire’s then DVD is an absolute must have, especially, if you live outside of Germany.  This is my one and only complaint.  Manufactured in the PAL format (PAL, short for Phase Alternating Line, is a colour encoding system used in broadcast television systems in large parts of the world.) the DVD will not play in many DVD players.  I was lucky enough that one of the DVD players in my home plays this type of format.  So please before you purchase this DVD make sure you DVD player will play it.  I will be the first to admit this is a huge complaint that MTM should rectify escpecially with the power of the Internet these days.  However, is this complaint big enough to keep you from buying the DVD.  Well, not if you are a Bonfire fan!