Blackmoore's Night - 'Castles & Dreams' DVD
                                                                                                                                            Released through SPV in 2005
Ritchie Blackmoore
Candice Night
Bard David of Larcmont
Sisters of the Moon (Lady Madeline & Lady Nancy)
Squire Robert of Normandie
Tudor Rose
   Special guests:

1.) "Intro"
2.) "Cartouche"
3.) "Queen For A Day" (part I)
4.) "Queen For A Day" (part II)
5.) "Under A Velvet Moon"
6.) "Minstrel Hall"
7.) "Past Times With Good Company"
8.) "Solider Of Fortune"
9.) "Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus"
10.) "Once In A Million Years"
11.) "Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword"
12.) "Home Again"
13.) "Ghost Of A Rose"
14.) "Mond Tanz/Child In Time/Mond Tanz"
15.) "Wind In The Willows"
16.) "Village Of The Sand"
17.) "Renaissance Fair"
18.) "The Clock Ticks On "
19.) "Lovely"
20.) "All For One"
21.) "Black Night"
22.) "Midwinter's Night/Dandelion Wine"

Past Times With Good Company:
    Ritchie Blackmore two words synonymous with heavy metal.  Though bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath will forever be considered the grandfather and father of Heavy Metal.  It was actually Deep Purple along with their guitarist Ritchie Blackmore that created the modern metal sound.  For the next eight years Deep Purple will pen such ball-busting tracks as "Hush", Smoke On The Water", "My Woman From Tokyo".  After the 1975 'Stormbringer' tour Ritchie leaves the band to form Rainbow.  Though Rainbow went through several line-up changes the nine years together will carve such metal classics as, "Man On The Silver Mountain", "Temple Of The King", "Since You've Been Gone", "I Surrender", and "Stone Cold".  In 1984 Ritchie along with bassist Roger Glover were approached with the offer to get the original Deep Purple line-up back together.  The original line-up released 'Perfect Strangers' in 1984.  In late 1993 Ritchie announces to the band he is once again leaving the group.  This will be the last time Ritchie will perform with the band. 
    About the same time Ritchie was on tour with Deep Purple a young eighteen Candice Night began her internship at a local New York radio station.  While working at the radio station Candice had a chance to meet Ritchie at a local soccer match.  Just three years later Candice and Ritchie would become inseparable.  In the spring of 1997 Candice and Ritchie released the first ever Blackmore's Night CD.  Blackmore's Night has taken many rock fans by surprise.  Ritchie explains, “When we started this project people would say to us you must be crazy. Why would you want to get involved in medieval renaissance music. But we did it because it was a labor of love. We wanted to just project how we felt.” “…To me it was time just to play one-hundred percent honest.”

“When we started doing this around the house an our friends started requesting the music that we were writing more than the old standards or that the stuff they were use to hearing so often. Then we thought it would be a good idea to put it out there for the rest of the world to hear also.” - Candice Night.

Renaissance Fair:
    Castles & Dreams the first ever double DVD released by Blackmore's night is packed with features.  Disc one consists of a twenty-two song live performance.  The set list not only included twenty Blackmore's Night tracks but also "Soldier Of Fortune", originally recorded by Deep Purple and released on their 1974 'Stormbringer' album, and also "Black Night" released on Deep Purples 1970 'Deep Purple In Rock' album.  I was very glad too see the band incorporate a few songs outside of the renaissance genre.  This lets Candice show her vocal depth.   Much like a medieval king leads his soldiers into battle with is trusty sword, Ritchie leads the band with his guitar.  Candice's vocals mesmerizes the crowd back into a time long lost.  From the first guitar lick and vocal note Candice and Ritchie captivate and hold the crowd in the palm of their hands.  Also included within disc one is 'Behind The Scenes' footage along with a Ritchie Blackmore guitar special.  The guitar special allows viewer the chance to change the angle of the concert footage.  Disc two is jam packed with acoustic performances, videos, and several documentary interviews.  For me just getting the chance to see Ritchie & Candice perform their magic live would be well worth making this DVD a must have. As well it should be for you also.