Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - "Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned" DVD
A Eagle Vision DVD released on 08/12/2003

    The Black Label Society organization and their charter members have released their first ever DVD.  The DVD was recorded live in front of honorary Detroit charter member's at the club Harpo's while the band was on tour in support for their 2002 "1919 Eternal" release .  The chapter members performing with Black Label where; Zakk Wylde (guitar, vocals), Nick Catanese (guitar), Craig Nunenmacher (drums), and Robert Trujillo (bass).
    Just like a general leading troops to battle, Zakk and the rest of Black Label takes the viewers on a twelve song rampage.  The set list include such Black Label songs as:  "Demise of Sanity", "Graveyard Disciples", "Spoke in the Wheel" and "Berserkers".  After the song "Born to Lose" the band takes a short break while Zakk performs a blistering guitar solo that includes the 'National Anthem'.
    Robert Trujillo of new Metallica fame is a very animated bass player and give one of his best performances.  It's best to watch the performance in 5.1 surround sound.  I made the mistake of watching it turned off the first time through, and there is a few song intros where Zakk's guitar is barely audible.  Craig gives a performance of a lifetime quickly showing you that he is a force to reckon with.  At the beginning of "13 Years of Grief" has several words to say about Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit.  These words aren't too kind, but there are a lot of people in the world that feel the same way.  For a lot of music fans hearing Zakk in the studio is one thing, but when you get to witness a live Zakk performance and physically see this stuff, it is utterly amazing!!!
    The DVD also includes an interview where Zakk takes you from his early guitar beginnings up through the fans of Harpo's drinking every last of alcohol the night they taped the DVD.  There also is a fifteen minute guitar lesson that includes how to play, "Miracle Man", "Cry Me A River", and "The Beginning at Last..."
    The bonus features that are include on the DVD are; the video for "Stillborn", a two song Japanese performance with Mike Inez on bass that consist of "Demise of Sanity" and "Graveyard Disciples", a three minute home movie where Zakk performs the song "I Thank You Child" with his daughter, a Zakk Wylde discography, plus other tidbits.
   The guitar lesson alone makes this DVD worth $19.98 especially if your a young guitarist out there.  If  you could just buy one DVD and you had to chose between Zakk with Ozzy or Zakk with Black Label you had better chose the Black Label.  Mainly because you not only get to see one of the worlds top five guitarist of all time, but one of the greatest performers I've ever seen.  Please buy this DVD you will not be disappointed!!!!