Sebastian Bach - 'Forever Wild' -DVD
                                                                                                                                                Released on Eagle Vision Video

1.) "Sleep"
2.) "Slave to the Grind"
3.) "Piece of Me"
4.) "Frozen"
5.) "Here I Am"
6.) "Parasite"
7.) "18 & Life"
8.) "Blasphemer"
9.) "Riot Act"
10.) "Sweet Little Sister"
11.) "In a Darkened Room"
12.) "Monkey Business"
13.) "I Remember You"
14.) "Eternal Life"
15.) "Youth Gone Wild"

    The DVD opens with Sebastian Bach's wife trying her best with an electric guitar to wake Bach up.  "Sleep" opens with Joey Ramone of the Ramones announcing the band.   At times through the song Bach is screaming the vocals so much it is very hard to tell what he is singing.  The next song "Slave to the Grind" is the opening song taped from a different show.  From the opening vocal line you can tell there is absolutely no rust on Bach when it comes to Skid Row material.  Sebastian tries to get a little crowd participation started for the next song, but does not have to much luck.  The backing vocals on "Piece of Me" are just a little off, but that just goes to show that the band are not pulling a Manilli Vanilli.  At times through the song "Frozen" there is a few technical difficulties with the micing.  The band breaks "Frozen" down with a small bass type solo section.  During this breakdown section one can real get a feel for the vocal control Bach has.  After the song "Frozen" the DVD goes into 'Bach in the Basement'  which consist of a small band practice and fake argument from VH1's 'Forever Wild'.  This segment is edited.  They really could have used the unedited version for the DVD.  Even though edited it is humorous.  The live version of "Here I Am" rocks!!!  A segment of 'Forever Wild' with proper mic technique is next.  The next number the band does live is a killer version of Kiss's "Parasite".  At times on "18 & Life" the music over shadows Bach's vocals.  After "18 & Life" the DVD goes into another 'Forever Wild' segment with Ted Nugent.  The Nugent segment has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.  In a lot of ways the next song "Blasphemer" reminded me of the old glitter/punk songs of the seventies.  The band really rock on the song "Riot Act".  One of the best Skid Row songs the band performs live is "Sweet Little Sweet".  There is a small section where Bach is talking about recording the song for the first time.  After "Sweet Little Sister" there is a 'Forever Wild' driving segment with Vince Neil.  You can really tell Vince and Sebastian are good friends with this segment.  It is very obvious who wins the race when you see who is in the alligator pit.  The next live song "In a Darkened Room" was taken off of 'Slave to the Grind' this song is one of the coolest tracks Skid Row ever written.  Vocally Sebastian really gets down to business.  I have always thought this would be a great song to perform live.  I was not let down one bit.  For you youngsters out there the slide guitar with a beer bottle is very old school.   The band changes the intro section of "Monkey Business" a lot.  The band also changes the speed of the song to a more punk feel.  After "Monkey Business" there is another very funny segment taken from VH1's 'Forever Wild'.  The next live song is a song taken from Sebastian Bach's solo release.  "The most Powerful Man in the World" was done acoustically with just guitar and vocals. "The most Powerful Man in the World"  bleeds right into "I Remember You".  I really liked the way the band kicked the solo section in.  The next song "Eternal Life" was originally done by an artist by the name of Jeff Buckley.  The band rounds the set list out with "Youth Gone Wild".  During the second chorus Sebastian actually falls through the stage...WHAT A GREAT SPINAL TAP MOMENT...

Special Features include:
1.) A interactive Bachography with song commentary.
2.) Several segments taken from 'Forever Wild' that where either outtakes or couldn't use. 
3.) Demo of  "Always & Never the same"
4.) Easter egg of 'Before they where Bach Stars'.

    The concert footage of the DVD is interlaced with footage taken from VH1's 'Forever Wild'.  For the most part Sebastian Bach was dead on vocally.  My only real complaint was the backing vocals of the Skid Row stuff.  Even though the guys in the group do a decent job the backing vocals have lost a little of there edge with this new band Bach has.  Other than that one bad point the concert footage is great.  All the 'Forever Wild' segments are very funny and if anyone out there never had the chance to see them on TV will get a very big kick out of them.  If you are mainly a casual listener of Skid Row's early material than you probably will not like this DVD much, mainly because the songs even the older stuff have a raw heavier edge to them.  But if you are like me who has been a fan of Skid Row and Sebastian Bach from the beginning all the way up to now, than this is a must have.