with special guest:

Also performing that night were two local Louisville Kentucky bands

Show Itinerary:
Local Louisville Band: 7:20 – 7:45
Local Louisville Band:8:00  - 8:25
Local Louisville Band:8:40 – 9:45
Elm Street:                   9:25 – 10:10
Dircdchider:                 10:40 – 12:40
All times Eastern Times:



Blood Curse:

Aaron Franks - Vocals/Guitar
Olivia Franks -Drums
unknown - bassist


Chris Griffie - Guitar and Vocals
Casey DeMattina – Drums
Phillip Osborne - Bass and Vocals
Michael Duncan - Lead Vocals


Wylde Ryde:

Chief - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Tommy Blitz- Guitar/Vocals
Nigel Paul- Drums
Mick Watkins- Bass/Vocals

Elm Street:

Ben Batres - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Aaron Adie - Lead Guitar
Tomislav Perkovic – Drums
Nick Ivkovic - Bass Guitar


Udo Dirkschneider - lead vocals
Fitty Wienhold – bass, backing vocals
Andrey Smirnov – guitars
Sven Dirkschneider – drums
Bill Hudson – guitars





    Nothing goes better than strippers and Rock ‘N’ Roll and that is exactly what you get with Trixie’s Entertainment complex.  The club is a strip club/Rock ‘N’ Roll bar.  On the inside the club is divided by a concrete wall with the strip club on one side and the opposite side where the stage is where the bands perform.  The venue, for mainly being known as a strip club was very accommodating for live bands.  A small bar in the back of the room and low lighting provided good atmosphere for the upcoming entertainment. Although the stage itself was quite small it had both good and bad qualities. With a band like Udo, Several members large double bass drum kit, it didn’t offer a lot of moving around room but it was an excellent opportunity for fans to be up close to their favorite bands and come away with a great experience.
    We arrived in time to catch a few local Louisville bands. Wild Ryde opened the show but we only caught the last few songs. It was the band Gotcha that my wife insisted the singer reminded her of a young Meatloaf looks wise. They had no trouble preparing the crowd for the next band that hailed from Australia known as Elm Street. The charismatic singer soon had the crowd eating out of his hand, with his unique voice and commanding presence on stage the band was a huge hit and exactly what the night needed to prepare us for the ultimate act; Udo. He did a rendition of Quiet Riot’s bang your head that had the crowd going crazy and some of their own songs that had my wife insisting that we buy their album to have for our own.

    Up to Udo hitting the stage every band was right on the itinerary schedule.  The booking agent did a great job picking bands that complimented Udo’s style of music. Each band brought something to the table that paved the way to the ultimate act.
    The air hung heavy with anticipation and the crowd pushed in waiting for the main act to begin. If you had not known better you would have thought you were in a huge venue rather than a small area. They commanded the audience as if they were tens of thousands, their stage presence was mesmerizing. They played with such intensity you would have thought they were playing before the biggest audience ever. Udo himself was larger than life. His band commanded  respect as their flawless performance ensued. My wife insisted that the drummer stole the show with his good looks and hard hits. She also said it was so obvious to her how much each member loved their job and was so at ease with their part in the performance. It was truly a delight to watch as Udo allowed each man to do his part to make it a truly entertaining show of guitar rips and pleasing vocals giving the audience a treat of a life time.

   I’ve seen so many amazing world class drummers. The worlds greatest from 1978 to 2018 and Sven ranks up there as one of the best in not only sound but showmanship. It may have been the best drum sound I think I have ever heard, the two guitarists played as one. I don’t remember if they played a twin solo together or not, however for two guitarists who did not write a note of these songs you would not have known it. Fitty Wienhold has been with Udo since 1996, he is not only a very solid bass player , however much like Ian Hill of Judas Priest who is in his sixties, Fitty’s stage presence can keep up with any twenty year old, commanding the respect of everyone around him.
    Udo announced after this tour he would no longer be playing any accept songs. To think that the all time famous Balls to the wall song would no longer be closing his set left me with a sad feeling as this is something you have come to expect from his concerts. Its hard to believe that he really means it. One should never say fare well I think.

    I want to thank Udo and the band but also the other bands the preformed that night for their wonderful performance and devotion to their fans, I cant wait to see them again, If you get the chance this is a show you absolutely can not miss. Their performance is flawless and their showmanship is outstanding, a true fest of the eyes and a delight to the soul.
  Also, a belated happy Birthday to Udo himself who turned 66 years young the day after the show, may you have many more.