Puddle of Mudd   
Palladium -Worcester, MA     
November 15th, 2008

     In this day and age, true rock n' roll fans aren't finding many worthwhile rock shows to see. I can admit, I've seen my fair share of washed up bands who just don't give a damn about the music anymore, or new artists who have yet to earn their stripes, who either can't play or don't perform (yes, there is a difference and bands should know how to do both.. don't you agree?).
     Here at Blast, we try to weed the best shows out for all you true rock n' roll fans. After all, when you spend your hard earned money on a concert ticket, you deserve a show worth seeing! One band that is more than aware of this is Puddle of Mudd. Puddle of Mudd is, apparently, what happens to Worcester when it rains... and luckily, it's raining a lot tonight! Puddle Of Mudd Is, collectively, Wes Scantlin, Doug Ardito, Christian Stone, and Ryan Yerdon and, among the talent in the alternative world, they take entertaining their fans very seriously. Their performance comes jam packed with twists, turns, and a fun....yes you heard me....a FUN and entertaining show.
     When Puddle of Mudd took the stage tonight, the capacity crowd was all ready tight up against the barricades, (not without credit to the opening bands, Temperedcast, Safteysuit and Red, who did an awesome job revving up the audience up for the main party). Puddle of Mudd opened with their hit song, 'Control' and the crowd was with them full force on every note, but the guys decided to change it up a little, adding a partial cover of Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs'. At that moment, the audience was theirs! They played a flawless set, in true rock n' roll fashion complete with guitar solos, picks-tossing, drum tricks, vocal ad lib, goofy stage antics, and plenty of interaction with the fans.
     'Away From Me' was next up in the set, which Wes opened up on a full scream. 'Famous' and 'Drift and Die' followed and guitarist Christian laid down a lengthy solo in classic rock fashion that stunned fans. Rippin' guitar solos are not what I expect from a band like Puddle of Mudd and it was refreshing to see variety and creativity in a music world that's become so predictable!
     The band's set also included 'Nobody Told Me' and 'Blurry', as well as other amusing (to say the least) covers, including ACDC's "TNT". The crowd had a hand in opening this song, with Wes leading them in 'Oiy's', then kicked it into high gear after the intro. This was definitely a favorite.
     'Borrowed Time' and 'Outta My Head' were up next, and another crowd-pleasing cover moment was Nirvana's 'Breed', which Puddle of Mudd rocked hard and played perfectly. This song closed their set, but the crowd knew that the band had more in store, and it didn't take long for them to come back for an encore performance. The guys were welcomed back for a two-song encore, which they stretched into about fifteen minutes. When they broke into the first chords of 'Psycho', the crowd went insane (no pun intended!). They played the song about half way through then slowed the tempo to a stalking crawl, back and forth with the crowd for the remaining chorus. Adlibbing the melody, Wes and Christian got into a comical free-styling contest, before finishing the song with fans.     The last play of the night was their monster hit 'She Hates Me'. Once again POM put 110% into this performance and made their last song one to remember. During the bridge/solo, the band dialed it down with only sparse lead guitar continuing the main riff. What happened next was something I'm sure no one was expecting.... Wes began singing the first verse.
     of.........'Summer Nights'.... (I'll give you a second to wrap your mind around that...yeah the song from Grease!) and, as though they had rehearsed it with the crowd a million times before, the audience jumped in instantly, joining Wes once again in a back and forth sing off to the first verse with Wes offering his mic to fans so they could prove, loud, clear and unembarrassed, that they knew the lines to the most un-rock song ever…truly a hilarious moment in entertainment.
     'She Hates Me' resurfaced, but once again. the music slowed again to an almost reggae groove. Finally, after all the suspense, the band didn't disappoint...They slammed into the last half of the song, finishing with as much energy as the rest of the night held.
     It was a great finish to the show that left the crowd screaming for more of their other amazing tunes like 'Radiate', 'It Was Faith' or 'I'm So Sure'. Personally, in a short set, I would have preferred to hear more original Puddle of Mudd than covers, though the covers were absolutely amazing!
     Overall, the show was phenomenal! I don't think there was one person in that audience that wasn't blown away by their performance. Puddle of Mudd payed their respects to the crowd and were very humble in their thanks to fans, then proved It further by staying to meet every single person In the meet and greet line after the show. They spoke with their fans, signed anything and everything, and took photos, leaving no one out. And unlike some meet and greets I have seen where bands blow through the fans, like a hurricane with a sharpie, Puddle of Mudd was there all the way. Even after the meet and greet, despite the weather, the band still gave their attention to fans waiting outside by their bus.
     In my opinion, Puddle of Mudd's show was exactly the way a rock concert should work. No politics or B.S. to get in between the music, the band, and the fans. You can tell these guys play for the love of music and respect their fans. They're talented, humble, and most importantly...they KNOW how to rock, and they don't just play, they perform! They also earned the respect of the Palladium staff…honestly; I've never seen a venue with such high regard for an artist. I overheard a member of security saying "we treat them like guests in our home." More power to them and our thanks as well to everyone at the venue who made working this show so great for us. Also, special thanks go out to Wes and tour manager Doug for all their assistance to Blast. You guys rock!!

As a rock n' roll fan, I can only say, I hope no one misses the chance to see Puddle of Mudd play. (That wasn't supposed to rhyme…gimme a break!!)
Jammin' Jen -Signing off!