Living Colour/Aerosmith Live At  The Ford Center In Evansville Indiana 6/24/15


    The Living Colour/Aerosmith show was on June 24, 2015 at The Ford Center located in Evansville, Indiana. Of all the stadiums I have been to over the years I have to say this venue is one of the top five. Though Evansville is a very small market the city did a wonderful job in building a great stadium.
    Opening for Aerosmith was the band Living Colour.  Though Living Clolour was formed in 1984 the band did not rise to success until their 1990 hit "Cult Of Personality". Despite the fact that Living Colour is a hard rock band a big part of their success was due to the band's combination of heavy metal, funk, jazz, hip hop and alternative rock.   Living Colour's vocalist Corey Glover sounded amazing. Corey is one of those vocalist that absolutely does not care to get in the trenches as he took a stroll through the crowd getting up close and personal with his fans giving them the ultimate fan experience . This really showed that he is down to earth and his fans really mean a lot to him. Not to mention this really got the crowd into it.
     Though the only Living Colour song I was real familiar with was "Cult Of Personality" I had read plenty of articles on the guitarist Vernon Reid to know that he is an amazing guitarist. However it was not Corey nor Vernon that surprised me. It was the rhythm section of drummer William "Will" Calhoun and bassist Douglas "Doug" Arthur which had to be one of the best rhythm sections I believe I have ever seen live since seeing Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai's solo with David Lee Roth on the Eat Em And Smile Tour.
  Even not knowing the majority of the songs Living Colour included in their setlist they ranked up there as one of the best opening acts I have ever seen!

Living Colour Setlist: "Funny Vinbe", "Love Rears Its Ugly Head", "Ignorance Is Bliss", "Open Letter (To a Landlord)", "Glamour Boys", "Middle Man", "Type, Cult of Personality".

    Since forming between 1970-71 and releasing their self-titled album on January 5, 1973 Aerosmith has performed over 2000 live shows in forty-five different countries.
    I have seen Aerosmith on three different occasions. The first time was in '87 on their Permanent Vacation Tour (with Dokken and White Lion).  The second time was in '97 on the Nine Lives Tour (with Days Of The New). This last time was on The Blue Army Tour (with Living Colour). The average age of the members of Aerosmith range from sixty-three to sixty-seven. Though the band is retirement age (of course so are the Rolling Stones) they really did not show much fatigue. As the forty-five minute set progressed Steven did get a little winded and was unable to carry certain notes out as well as he use to. However for his age he still sounds amazing and puts on a great performance.
    When you have a band such as Aerosmith who has released fifteen albums since 1973 there are staple songs that have to be added to the setlist. Songs such as "Dream On", Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way" has to be added to the setlist. The rest of the setlist included, "Draw The Line", "Love In An Elevator", "Back In Saddle", "Cryin'", "Jaded", "Living On The Edge", "Monkey On My Back", "Toys In The Attic", drum solo, "Rag Doll", "Stop Messin' Around", "Mama Kin", "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", "The Other Side", "No More, No More" and "Dude Looks Like A Lady".
     I do not want to make it sound like I am complaining, because I'm not.  I know bands only have a set amount of time to perform live then it is on to the next venue to start the whole process over again.  However, with fourteen releases that includes all original members pluse so many great songs, instead of "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" (mainly because I'm burnt out on it) I would have liked to have heard "Angel" or "What It Takes".
     All three times I have been to an Aerosmith concert they have put on one of the best performances I have seen.  Just like a fine Merlot Aerosmith just keeps getting better with age.  This was an amazing concert and seeing Aerosmith live should be on every rock fans bucket list!!!