Brian Vollmer – ‘Get Yer Hands Dirty’


Brian Vollmer – vocals
Gavin Brown – drums and percussion
Sean Kelly – electric, acoustic guitars and additional keyboards
Matt Wewidinger – Hammond B3, piano Wurlitzer, background vocals vocals
Daryl Gray – bass, bg vocal arrangements

1.) “Buff’s Bar Blues” – By Alex Harvey
2.) “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw” – By Rose Tattoo
3.) “If You Need Me” – By Wilson Pickett
4.) “When The Bitter’s Got The Better Of You” – Kelly/Vollmer -
5.) “Rock ‘n’ Roll Don’t Try To Lay No Boggie Woggie On The King Of Rock And Roll” – by Velvet Underground/Long John Baldry
6.) “Gudbye To Jane” – by Slade
7.) “Oh Well” – by Fleedwood Mac/Peter Greene
8.) “Get Yer Hands Dirty” – Kelly/Vollmer

   Vollmer was one of the first musicians who gave Blast Magazine a chance when we first opened our doors in 1996.  Since then there has always been one thing I can count on from the longtime vocalist and that is honesty.  He stated not too long ago that his next solo release will be mainly cover songs and that is exactly what ‘Get Yer Hands Dirty’ is.  The CD consists of all cover songs except for tracks four and eight.  on Get Yer Hands Dirty, Vollmer stated: “Well, there not going to be the most obvious ones, that’s for sure. They are going to be… I have always been under the auspice that if you’re going to do a cover song, you’ve got to do it better or at least as good as the people that originally did it. I also like the idea of picking songs that weren’t necessarily real obvious tracks to cover. I am probably going to do Long John Baldry’s “Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll.” Another song that I am looking at is “Super Lungs” by Terry Reid.”  Which Vollmer and the band do an excellent job on!  Brian also states that, “The marketing plan on this disc is quite simple-just keep sending it out to as many people as possible. If you believe in the music the logic is that someone else will too.
   One of the biggest challenges for older artists such as myself is that it’s very difficult to get exposure on your new music. You would think that the logical place to go would be Classic Rock Radio, but very few classic rock stations in Canada will play NEW music by CLASSIC ROCK/METAL artists. So that means taking the music directly to the fans by YouTube, Facebook, and all the other media sites.
    I’m 62 now and still putting out new music. Are my fans who grew up with me still buying new music? I hope so, ‘cos it keeps artists like Yours Truly alive. Literally.
    Many of my friends that are my age haven’t bought a new CD in years. THAT’S A SHAME and the reason you don’t hear NEW music by classic rock bands ie: Honeymoon Suite, Lee Aaron, and many others on the air waves. They are still putting out music but getting ZERO airplay. This is partially because of an apathy of older audiences in supporting these older artists they grew up with. I got to admit, there are a lot of rock fans (and my friends) who haven’t bought a new rock album since 1989. When did you buy YOUR last CD by a classic rock artist? Be honest!
    Classic rock stations are just a reflection of what they think their audiences want to hear. Some classic rock stations WON’T EVEN CONSIDER A NEW SONGS BY A CLASSIC ROCK ARTIST because their “consultants” have told them it’s not in the station’s best interest. Translation: Go away and don’t bother us, you old f**k!
    But I refuse to go away. I ain’t gettin’ rich as they say, but I’m getting by. I wanted to throw this out there (the above commentary) to get you all thinking of just how important it is to artists like myself when you take that little extra time to share a vid or go online and buy one of our new releases. It makes a big difference.
    So far the response has been great. Over the next couple of months I’m going to keep releasing each song one@time. Please share the link to these tunes and spread the word. For those of you who have already shared a video or purchased the album, my sincerest THANKS!”
    This is not a Helix album though it’s not like Brian’s first solo CD titled, ‘When Pigs Fly’ either.  I really would not know how you would label it.  However there is one thing I can say for sure, one of the smartest moves Brian has ever made was hiring Sean Kelly of Kelly Crash fame.  Personally I really enjoyed this CD however you really have to be a die-hard Brian Vollmer fan to enjoy it.  My suggestion is listen to a couple tracks if you like them then buy it.  Otherwise there are so many CDs that are going to be released this year that will be must haves then you may want to wait for the price to drop or just buy the songs off of it that you really like.