Pat Travers &Carmine Appice - 'The Balls Album

Carmine Appice
Pat Travers
T.M. Stevens

Pat Travers - guitar/vocals
Carmine Appice - drums/vocals
T.M. Stevens - bass/lead vocals


Carmine uses this stick trick for the drum line of the intro for track one.


1.) "Taken" - This track opens with a simple Pat Travers blues riff. Underneath the blues riff Carmine is playing a rhythm using a stick trick. T.M. kicks-in the bass line a vocal accent. After the first verse Carmine kicks-in the drum line. There are several cymbal crashes connecting the musical verse with the musical pre-chorus. The musical pre-chorus and chorus consisted of a rhythm guitar change. After the first chorus there was a minor lead guitar solo. After the second chorus there was a very short drum solo. The major lead guitar solo was very short. Underneath the vocals of the coda there was a second minor lead guitar solo.
2.) "Better From A Distance" - This intro opens with a Carmine Appice snare drum pattern. As the pattern progresses the bass line kicks-in. When Pat kicks-in the rhythm guitar. There was a small vocal accent that lead to a minor lead guitar solo. There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse. There was a snare drum fill connecting the musical verse with the musical chorus. Instead of a snare fill connecting the second verse with the second chorus Carmine played a tom-tom fill. After the second chorus there was a major lead guitar solo. After the third chorus there was a breakdown section.
3.) "Escape The Fire" -Musically this track was amazing!
4.) "Rock Me" - This song blew me away musically!!!!5.) "I Don't Care" - This track opens with three snare cracks before the rhythm guitar kicks-in. After the first riff there are three more snare cracks. There was no rhythm guitar change for the musical verse. There was a rhythm change for the musical chorus. Underneath the second verse there was a small percussion section. After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo. After the third chorus there was a small musical rest that lead to a second lead guitar solo.
6.) "Remind Me To Forget You" - For me the highlight of this track was Carmine and Pat.
7.) "Hey You" -This was an amazing ballad.
8.) "I Can't Let You Go" - This track opened with a syncopated intro arrangement. There was a rhythm change for the musical verse. The musical change for this track took on a reggae sound. After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo. The way this song was arranged shows Carmine and Pat's songwriting talent.
9.) "Never Saw It Coming" -There was a minor lead guitar solo over the top of this intro section. There was a rhythm change for the musical verse. There was a small tom-tom fill connectingg the first verse with the first chorus. Underneath the lead vocal lines of the chorus Pat played a small minor lead guitar solo. After the second chorus there was a major lead guitar solo. Throughout the rest of the song Pat plays several minor lead guitar solos.
10.) "Stand Up" - This song had a huge seventies feel to it. 
11.) "Keep On Rockin'" - This track opened with a Carmine drum solo before going into the musical chorus. After the chorus there was a minor lead guitar solo. After the second chorus there was a second minor lead guitar solo. After the second chorus there was a drastic musical change. Nothing against T.M. however, Carmine and Pat made this
12.) "Gotta Have It" -This track had seventies funk written all over it.
bonus tracks:
13.) "Tonight" - This was an amazing seventies sounding semi-ballad.
14.) "Never Gonna Give You Up" -Cover song of the Barry White classic song.


Outside of "Boom Boom (Out Goes The Lights)" and "Snortin' Whiskey" which were released in the seventies and early eighties  Pat Travers has virtually been able to fly underneath the radar.  In fact, if it had not been for the  bass player in my band who wanted us to learn these two songs I probably would never had heard of Pat Travers.  After being forced to learn these songs I became an instant Pat Travers fan!
Patrick Henry 'Pat' Travers (born April 12, 1954) is a Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist and singer who began his career in the mid-1970s.  Travers was noticed by rock artist Ronnie Hawkins, who invited Travers to perform with him. In his early twenties Travers moved to London and signed a recording contract with Polydor Records. His self-titled debut album was released in 1976, and featured bassist Peter 'Mars' Cowling, who would become a mainstay in Travers' band for several years. An appearance on the German TV show Rockpalast in November 1976 was later released on DVD under the title 'Hooked on Music'. This performance showcases an early version of Travers' band featuring Cowling and drummer Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden drmmerr).
During 1977, Travers added a second guitarist to his band, changed drummers twice including using Clive Edwards, and by the time 'Heat in the Street' was released in 1978 had put together the Pat Travers Band. This grouping featured Travers on vocals and guitar, Pat Thrall on guitar, Cowling on bass, and Tommy Aldridge on drums and percussion.
During 1977 Travers added a second guitarist to his band, changed drummers twice including using Clive Edwards, and by the time 'Heat in the Street' was released in 1978 had put together the Pat Travers Band. This grouping featured Travers on vocals and guitar, Pat Thrall on guitar, Cowling on bass, and Tommy Aldridge on drums and percussion.  The Pat Travers Band toured heavily supporting such major bands as RUSH.  The Pat Traver's first live album entitled, 'Live! Go For What You Know', which charted in the Top 40 in the United States and included the hit song "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)" (originally recorded by Little Walter, credited to Stan Lewis), which climbed even higher on the charts, entering the Top 20. "Snortin' Whiskey" was a major American radio hit from 1980s 'Crash and Burn' and Travers began the 1980s as a hot item in the hard rock music scene.  While on the 'Crash and Burn' Tour Tommy Aldridge announced he was leaving the band to pursue other projects. (That other project was joining the QZZY touring band) Travers and Cowling teamed up with drummer Sandy Gennaro(Cyndi Lauper, Robin Gibb and Joan Jett) and released 'Radio Active' that same year.  A co-headlining tour with Rainbow followed, and the two bands performed in major arenas across North America. Although the tour was Travers' most successful road outing, the 'Radio Active' album barely made it into the Top 40, reaching only number 37.  It was much different than Travers' previous work, with more emphasis on keyboards than heavy guitars. Disappointed with the lack of sales, Polydor dropped Travers from their roster, and he in turn sued the record company on grounds that he was under contract with them to record more material. He won the lawsuit, and was able to release 'Black Pearl' in 1982.  This release also featured more mainstream music rather than the hard-driving rock Travers had recorded earlier, and included the hit single "I La La La Love You", featured prominently on mainstream Top 40 and album oriented rock stations, and in the 1983 movie Valley Girl.  'Hot Shot' was Travers' last major label release of original music, and was a return to a harder-edge style of rock than his previous two albums had been. One of Travers' best-recorded projects, it went basically unnoticed and is best remembered for the single "Killer". It was during this time that Travers also released 'Just Another Killer Day', a 30-minute home video featuring music from 'Hot Shot' that was a sci-fi type short story about sexy alien women searching for information on music here on earth. In 1984, Travers was again supporting Rush--Alex Lifeson is one of Travers' many admirers.  Shortly after, Travers signed a deal with American-based Blues Bureau International Records, a company formed by noted producer Mike Varney. Travers' first recording for the label was 'Blues Tracks' released in 1992. It earned positive reviews from critics. Several more releases on the BBI label followed during the 1990s. In 1993, Travers parted company with both Jerry Riggs and Peter "Mars" Cowling, and Riggs was briefly replaced by former Foghat guitarist Erik Cartwright. The relationship was very brief, and Travers has worked with a variety of musicians since that time.  Travers has not been able to regain the level of commercial success he once had, despite a very large and loyal fan base who call themselves 'Hammer Heads'. He tours regularly in the U.S. and has made several trips to Europe in the last decade as well. In 2001 he was part of the "Voices of Classic Rock" tour, and had a minor hit with Leslie West from the band Mountain called "Rock Forever". In 2004 he started a project with the veteran drummer Carmine Appice and started touring the U.S.A.; as of now there are 3 albums released. Travers recorded cover tunes from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Montrose, Queen, and Trapeze under the album name "P.T. Power Trio 2", and they toured Europe in November 2006. Travers has lived in central Florida for several years, and is now married with two children. Travers is also a Black Belt in the style of Isshin Ryu Karate, and currently trains with 10 time World Champion, Mike Reeves Sensei in Apopka, FL.

Carmine Appice Biography:


    Carmine Appice was born on born December 15, 1946 and is an American drummer and percussionist most commonly associated with the rock genre of music. He has received classical music training, and was influenced early-on by the work of jazz drummers Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Appice is best known for his associations with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice, Rod Stewart, King Kobra, and Blue Murder, which also featured John Sykes of Thin Lizzy fame, and Tony Franklin of The Firm. He inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2014.
    Appice first came to prominence as the drummer with the late 1960s psychedelic band Vanilla Fudge. Appice contributed distinctive background harmonies with bassist Tim Bogert. After five albums, the pair left Vanilla Fudge to form the blues rock quartet Cactus, with vocalist Rusty Day and guitarist Jim McCarty. Appice and Bogert then left Cactus to join Jeff Beck in the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice.   Appice joined Rod Stewart's backing band in 1977, co-writing songs such as "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Young Turks". He also played drums on a track on Paul Stanley's eponymous solo album releasd on September 18, 1978.
    He was a member of KGB which featured Ray Kennedy, Ric Grech, Mike Bloomfield, and Barry Goldberg. Appice has recorded with artists such as Stanley Clarke, Ted Nugent, and Pink Floyd. He has also played with King Kobra and Blue Murder with John Sykes. On May 23, 1981, Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles proclaimed that day as Carmine Appice Day in LA in recognition of Appice's charitable and educational work.  Later in 1983 he toured with Ozzy Osbourne to promote 'Bark at the Moon' (1983).
    Appice recorded Caso Cerrado (1995) with the Argentine guitarist Pappo.  They were also joined by bassist Tim Bogert on four songs including "P. B. A. Boogie". In 2000, Appice formed the power trio DBA with Tim Bogert and Rick Derringer and reunited once again with Bogert when they reformed Vanilla Fudge.
    In 2005, he became an official supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization which provides free musical instruments and instruction to children in less privileged public schools throughout the USA. He has personally delivered instruments to children in the program, and has also performed at benefit concerts for the organization and sits on its Honorary board of directors.
    In 2006, he formed the drum ensemble SLAMM in which Appice participates on drums playing alongside four young drummers. The show they put on has been described as "Stomp on steroids". The band filmed a promotional video for the Cable Network station ESPN, using a NASCAR garage as a set and mechanic's hardware as instruments. They were voted as the runner-up in the Drum magazine poll for Percussion Ensemble (2008) after a special appearance at the magazine's drum festival. SLAMM also appears on the Modern Drummer festival DVD (2008).

    He recorded Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus: Conquering Heroes (2009). This was the third album in his Guitar Zeus series. These albums have featured guitarists such as Jennifer Batten, Brian May, Ted Nugent, Richie Sambora, and Yngwie Malmsteen.
    He recently lent his talents to the Sly Stone CD I'm Back! Family & Friends, where he plays on the Sly classic "Stand!" It was released August 16, 2011.
   2011–2012 saw Carmine performing Drum Wars shows with his brother Vinny Appice and Guitarist Michael Hund, as well a reformation of King Kobra with Johnny Rod, Mick Sweda, and David Henzerling, with Paul Shortino replacing Mark Free on lead vocals. This lineup released an eponymous album, King Kobra, in April 2011 on the Frontiers label which received critical acclaim. A new King Kobra album was released in 2013, titled King Kobra II featuring the song "Have a Good Time", for which a music video was filmed in Fall of 2012 at Count's Vamp'd in Las Vegas.
    He is currently on an American tour with the Michael Schenker Group.

****His best-selling drum instruction book 'The Realistic Rock Drum Method' was first published in 1972, and has since been revised and republished as 'The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method'. It covers the basic subjects of rock rhythms and polyrhythm's, linear rudiments and groupings, shuffle rhythms, hi-hat, and double bass drum exercises.  It doesn't matter what your age is if you want to learn how to play drums not only do you need these books however if you can get the VHS's on DVD that would also be a huge help!****



    Since 2004, Travers & Appice have released three studio CD's including this one titled, 'The Balls Album' and one line CD.
    I knew this was going to be an amazing release right from the intro of the first track.  How many drummer can you name go nuts just on their drum sticks?!  Just imagine for a second the accumulated years Appice and Travers have been in the music business.  The total would be over forty years apiece that is a total of over eighty years playing an recording music.  During this time I found it odd that as many musicians the two have played with they have never that is until 2004 found the time to record together.  As a guy I had to giggle just a little when I read the title of the CD.  My wife said it must be a guy thing.  However once you hear the CD you realize why they called it 'The Balls Album'!  A friend of mine calls certain CD's cruising music.  That is what 'The Balls Album' is it is the type of CD you put in when you are going on a long trip and don't want to constantly change disc.  If you are a fan of good blues, Pat Travrs or Carmine Appice then this is an absolute must have!!!!!