Steph Honde - everything

1.) "Waiting For The Night" - Taken off of Saxon's eighth studio CD titled, 'Rock The Nations' released on October 13, 1986.
2.) "Turbo Lover" -Released in 1986, this song was one of the first tracks recorded for an album with the use of guitar synthesizers. There are, two guitar solos in the bridge: the first is played by K. K. Downing, with Glenn Tipton playing the major lead guitar solo.
3.)"Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter" - is the second single from 'No Prayer for the Dying', Iron Maiden's first full-length album in over two years following the 1988 release 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son'. The song was originally recorded and released by Bruce Dickinson for the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, but Steve Harris liked it so Iron Maiden rerecorded it. It is the only UK No. 1 single for the band to date, in spite of the fact that it received very little airplay on the BBC.
4.)"Edie (Ciao Baby)" -is a hard rock song by the English band The Cult. It appeared on their fourth studio album 'Sonic Temple' in 1989. It was also released as the second single from that album in 1989. A promotional video was also created. An acoustic version of the song was released in 2000 on the compilation album 'The Best of Rare Cult'. The main release version appears on the Pure Cult albums. One of the group's best known tracks.
5.) "Mother" -is a song by American heavy metal/hard rock band Danzig. It was originally released in August 1988 as the lead single from their self-titled debut album. In 1993–1994, almost six years after its original release, a remixed version of the song titled "Mother '93" became a hit on radio and earned Buzz Bin rotation on MTV after a music video incorporating live footage was created to promote the band's new EP, 'Thrall: Demonsweatlive.' During this time the single was reissued by American Recordings, with the remix title updated to "Mother '94" on later versions. "Mother" remains Danzig's highest charting single. It peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and 43 on the Billboard Hot 100.In the UK, the song peaked at number 62 on the singles chart. 
6.) "It's So Easy" -is a song by the American rock band Guns N' Roses. It is featured on their debut studio album, 'Appetite for Destruction' (1987). The song was released as the band's first single on June 15, 1987, in the UK, where it reached number eighty-four on the UK Singles Chart as a double A-Side with "Mr Brownstone". It was also released in Germany around the same time. The songs "Shadow Of Your Love" and "Move To The City", featured on the 12-inch vinyl and 12-inch picture disc editions of the single, were written by members of Guns N' Roses while in the band Hollywood Rose, and were later released in Japan on the EP 'Live from the Jungle'. "Move to the City" had previousleAWy been released in the US on the 1986 EP 'Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide' and was later released worldwide on the album GN'R Lies.
7.)"Crying On a Saturday Night" - was taken off of 'Famous Monsters'. 'Famous Monsters' was released in 1999 by the Misfits. It is the second in the post-Danzig era of the band, and the last album to feature Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Michale Graves, and Dr. Chud, who would all quit the band in 2000. The album's title is an allusion to the horror magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. The UK release also exclusively includes the song "1,000,000 Years BC", which was later re-released on Cuts from the Crypt in 2001.
8.) "Take Me For a Little While" - This track was taken drom Coverdale•Page is an album by Whitesnake lead vocalist David Coverdale and former Led Zeppelin and London session guitarist Jimmy Page (as Coverdale•Page), released by Geffen Records on 15 March 1993. The album was recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver, Criteria Studios in Miami, Highbrow Productions in Nevada and Abbey Road Studios, London. Recording commenced in the fall of 1991 and concluded in early 1992. It was produced by Jimmy Page, David Coverdale and Canadian record producer, Mike Fraser. Adding to the Led Zeppelin sound of this album was the John Bonham-influence of former Montrose drummer Denny Carmassi. According to David Coverdale, the traffic sign shown on the cover of the album signified "two roads joining to one road. Try to express unification or joining together." The album reached No. 4 in the UK and No. 5 on the US Billboard 200 chart, while the first single released, "Pride and Joy", although barely making a dent on the pop charts, reached the No. 1 spot on the Album Rock Tracks chart for six weeks
9.) "Not Fakin' It" - Originally written and recorded by Nazareth and is on their 'Loud 'N' Proud' album released in 1973. It is also the second studio album by Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe, released in September 1989 through PolyGram; a remastered edition was reissued through Lemon Recordings in 2003. The album is Monroe's most commercially successful solo release to date, reaching No. 14 on the Finnish albums chart, No. 161 on the U.S. Billboard 200, and being certified certified gold in Japan. The music video for "Dead, Jail or Rock 'N' Roll" featured Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose and received substantial rotation on MTV; it was later covered by the band Warrant for their 2002 album Under the Influence. The track "Angel" is a re-recording of the song "She's No Angel" which had appeared on Monroe's previous album, Nights Are So Long.
10.) "Zero The Hero" - Was taken off of 'Born Again' the eleventh studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath, released in August 1983. It is the only album the group recorded with lead vocalist Ian Gillan, best known for his work with Deep Purple. In addition, it was also the last Black Sabbath album to feature original bassist Geezer Butler prior to his departure in November 1984, although he did return to the band in 1991 to record Dehumanizer. The album has received mixed to negative reviews from critics, but it was a commercial success upon its 1983 release, reaching No. 4 in the UK charts. The album as well hit the top 40 in the United States.
11.) "Something To Believe In" - is a song that was originally released as a single called the "Sire Single Version", and then re-recorded as a song on the Ramones album 'Animal Boy' released in May 1986. There are also live video versions of the song. It was written by Dee Dee Ramone and Jean Beauvoir. The "Sire Single Version" was re-released as track 14 of the second disk of the Ramones Anthology. The song was re-released in 2005 by Rhino/Warner Bros, on the album Weird Tales of the Ramones.

    Steph Honde is a musical master and someone who I am glad to call friend. With his latest release Steph returns to his roots releasing a collection of eleven cover songs titled, 'Covering The Monsters'. Once you hear 'Covering...' or the two Hollywood Monster releases it is easy to see why I call Steph a musical master.  Especially with 'Covering The Monsters' because unlike the Hollywood Monsters stuff with this release he played every instrument.
    I think every artist has recorded and released a cover song or two in their time.  However very seldom does an artist come along that actually transforms that song so well that you actually have to stop and remind yourself that it is a cover song!  One of the things I really liked about the song choice was the fact that Steph chose songs that most artists would not cover.  Like most artists would have chose The Cult's "Firewoman" over "Edie (ciao baby)".  However for me, this is one of the things that makes this cover album cool.  You get to hear cover songs that you normally wouldn't hear.  Which makes 'Covering The Monsters' very refreshing.
    After reviewing the two Hollywood Monster's CD's I honestly didn't think Steph would be able to shock me.  Then I heard his version of the Coverdale/Page song "Take Me For A Little While" and I was completely speechless.  He was able to pull off the most perfect David Coverdale I believe I have ever heard.  I don't often tell people they should buy cover albums.  They're cover songs for God's sake.  However in this case Steph does such an amazing job that 'Covering The Monsters' is well worth the money!
    Today while typing this out Steph informed me that the Musik Record Label out of Brazil has picked up the 'Covering The Monsters' and will release it on March 24th.  The CD edition will feature the bonus track "Headed For a Heartbreak" originally from Winger and featuring Tim Zuidberg on drums.