Lillian Axe – “The Weeping Moon” (single)

taken off the up and coming Lillian Axe release 'From Wimb To Tomb'

Steve Blaze - lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Brian C. Jones - lead vocals
Sam Poitevent - guitar, vocals
Michael "Maxx" Darby - bass guitar
Rob Hovey – drums

1.) “The Weeping Moon” – This intro consisted of Steve playing an acoustic guitar arrangement.  The type of guitar, gauge of string and tuning of Steve’s guitar gave this intro an amazing sound.  I’m not sure however but after the second guitar riff it sounded as if Steve double-tracked the guitar arrangement to give it a twin rhythm guitar sound.  If he did do this, it just gave his acoustic guitar a more astonishing sound.  Under the third riff of the guitar arrangement a string instrument kicks in.  This stringed instrument sounded like a cello or an instrument of its kind.   Instead of the standard four measure intro I believe this intro just consisted of two measures.  Steve played the same rhythm guitar arrangement for the musical verse as the one he had played for the musical intro.  The last lyric line of the first verse along with the entire verse consisted of Brian’s vocals being double-tracked.  I say verse because there is really only one lyric line that made-up the chorus.   Not only that however lyric lines four and five also had an echo attached to them.  Brain carried out the lyric note for moon when he sang the lyric phrase, “weeping noon”.  For the second verse underneath the rhythm guitar and vocals but over the top of the cello there was a violin arrangement.  For the second verse half of the third lyric line was double-tracked.  Then the lyric lines, five through bine are also double-tracked with eight and nine having an echo attached to them.  Much like the first verse there was an echo attached to the second to the last lyric line long with the next lyric.  After the second verse and chorus there was a small rhythm guitar change.  For the next eight lyric lines where a mixture of lead vocals, then lead vocals that were double-tracked in conjunction with backing harmonies.  This lead to an electric guitar lead guitar solo.  Steve double-tracked some of the lead guitar notes just to give the solo a different feel and sound.  The third verse was arranged just as the first two except the band added a keyboard to give the music arrangement a fuller sound.  The band fads the song out through the coda.

    I have known Steve Blaze long enough now that when makes a statement such as, wait till you hear the new single “Weeping Moon”. It is very similar to “Promised Land”.  I should listen.  However, like a dummy I let the statement run in ear and out the other.  Mainly because I bet I have heard artists make statements like a million times in the past.  Well, to my surprise (which by now nothing Steve does should surprise me) Steve understated his statement. “Promised Land” doesn’t even compare to “Weeping Moon”! Coming from someone who has not only been a fan of Lillian Axe since 1988 but has listened and analyzed their music many times over I can tell you this Steve completely out wrote himself! “Weeping Moon” ranks up there as the greatest song I have ever heard him write. It is pure perfection!!!! If this track is any indication of what is to come I think we will all be pleasantly surprised!!!!

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