Jorn – ‘Life On Death Road’


Jorn Lande – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Mat Sinner – Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Francesco Iovino – Drums



1.)”Life On Death Road” – This track opened with a special effect of the wind along with the sound of a persistent cry.  This effect lasted for about thirteen seconds before Alex starts playing a rhythm guitar arrangement.  Alex opened the arrangement with a clean sounding electric guitar rhythm.  There was a short drum fill that lead to a keyboard effect.  The opening musical verse consisted of a rhythm guitar arrangement change.  Because the rhythm change consisted of a distorted guitar sound this gave the rhythm arrangement a very intense feel to it.  This guitar rhythm that Alex wrote for this section consisted of the same note styles that Edward Van Halen uses.  Underneath the rhythm guitar Francesco played several chocked cymbal crashes.  After a couple of measures Francesco kicks in the drum line.  Francesco drum line consisted of very intense double-bass drum pattern.  After one measure Francesco switched from the double bass drum pattern to a single bass pattern.  Alex’s rhythm guitar arrangement for the musical verse had a very intense melodic hook to it.  Jorn’s vocals as always, are amazing!!!!  It sounded like the fourth lyric lines of the verse Jorn double-tracked his vocals.  The last lyric line of the musical verse consisted of the line, “On and on” x5 and ending “without us”.  There was a simpler rhythm change for the musical chorus.  The way Jorn arranged the song was close to overlapping the musical chorus with the musical verse.  The musical chorus consisted of as huge Jorn vocal hook.  The chorus arrangement consisted of a few lead guitar runs scattered throughout the rhythm guitar arrangement.  After the first chorus Jorn repeats the title over the top of Alex playing several lead guitar licks.  All the lyrics of the chorus consisted of an echo attached to them.  Every now and then Francesco threw in a double-bass bass drum pattern into the drum line.  After the second chorus there was a breakdown.  This breakdown consisted of drums, lead guitar and vocals.  Alex played what may be his best solo to date!  This solo section consisted of two different lead guitar solos.  The solo just keep going and going, I loved it! Thev coda ended with a chorus repeat.
2.)”Hammered To The Cross (The Business)” - This intro opens with Francesco playing a drum fill.  The drum fill consisted of a small tom tom/regular tom back to small tom-tom pattern.  After the drum fill Alex kicks in the rhythm guitar arrangement.  Scattered throughout the guitar arrangement of the intro Alex threw in a few lead rhythm riffs.  The guitar rhythm the guys wrote for this intro had a classic heavy metal hook to it.  If Matt played a bass line during the intro I couldn’t hear it.  Alex’s last note of the intro was a whole-note.  Underneath the whole-note Francesco played a drum fill. There was a short pick slide that opened the musical verse.  The musical verse consisted of a rhythm guitar change.  The third, fourth and fifth lyric lines consisted of a Jorn double-track the lyric lines.  The last lyric line of the verse consisted of a backing vocal.  There was a short drum fill connecting the first and second lyric lines.  The second lyric line consisted of Jorn changing his vocal style.  The chorus consisted of an unbelievable vocal and musical hook.  In between the last lyric line and the one before it Alex played a lead guitar riff.  In the middle of the last lyric line Jorn sang a huge Ronnie James Dio influenced vocal accent.  The first chorus almost became interconnected with the second verse.  The second verse was pretty much a repeat of the first.  The choruses of this song were amazing. After the chorus there was a breakdown section as the breakdown continues Francesco slowly added a large/floor tom pattern.  As the breakdown continued it speed up leading to the lead guitar solo. Alex’s solo was utterly amazing!  After the lead guitar solo the chorus kicks back in.  Underneath these last few choruses Alex plays several leads guitar riffs.  The coda ended with a few dum fills underneath a Jorn vocal line.
3. )”Love Is The Remedy” –This track opens with a short bass and drum fill.  Underneath the rhythm guitar of the intro Francesco keeps time on his hi-hat while hitting cymbal crashes along with tom-tom fills.  Francesco drum sound was prodigious on this section of the song!  There was a drum fill that signified a rhythm arrangement change. The second verse consisted of a drastic lyric and musical change.  After the second verse there was a third musical change for the chorus.  Over the top of the musical arrangement leading into the third verse Jorn sang several vocal accepts.  This was the first track where you could really hear the keyboard.  After the second chorus there was a lead guitar solo.  Some of the notes for the solo where fairly intense.
4.) ”Dreamwalker” – I just lovred the way Jorn and Alex arranged this ballad!!!!
5.) “Fire To The Sun” – This track opens with a strange keyboard effect before the rhythm guitar kicks in.  This rhythm guitar arrangement has a very intense sound to it. Underneath the guitar rhythm Francesco plays a couple tom-tom fills along with several cymbal crashes.  There was a huge and when I say huge I mean huge tom-tom fill connecting the opening musical verse with the opening lyric line.  The band used the same rhythm for the verse as the one for the intro.  There was a small echo attached underneath the lyric lines of the verse. Jorn kept the chorus very simple and straight forward.  There several lead guitar licks connecting the first chorus with the second verse.  After the second chorus there was a huge lead guitar solo.  After the solo the song basically repeats itself.

6.) ”Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)” – Jorn kept everything fairly simple outside of the huge double-bass drum line. 
7.) ”I Walked Away” –This ballad had a heavy metal blues feel to it.  At times you can hear a David Coverdale feel come through Jorn’s vocal lines.

8.) ”The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)” –This track opened with what sounded like a Catholic Church Choir.  This leads to a double-bass drum pattern right before the rhythm guitar kicks-in.  There was a huge minor lead guitar solo connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical verse.  The bass drum pattern for this track was fucking cool as hell.  Scattered throughout the main rhythm there was little lead guitar riffs.  The way they arranged the chorus let the keyboard bleed through.  After the second chorus there was a keyboard breakdown that lead to the lead guitar solo.       
9.) ”Devil You Can Drive” –This was a hard hitting in your face sounding track.

10.) ”The Optimist” –What a fuckin ballad!  Way to go Jorn, you wrote one Hell of a song!
11.) ”Man Of The '80s” – Jorn kept this song very simple as it should have been!  Showing he knows how to pull back when possible.  Alex did hos part by writing a very eighties influential guitar solo.

12.)” Blackbirds” –This track opens with the effects of rain falling.  As the effect progresses a keyboard along with a rhythm guitar kick in.  The vocal lines of the verse have a very heavy David Coverdale sound to them.  After the first verse Jorn kicks the song in with a vocal scream.  It is also at this point Alex kicks in a distorted guitar rhythm.  There was a rhythm guitar change for the musical chorus.  Underneath this rhythm change there was tom-tom pattern along with a cymbal crash.  This track consisted of several tom-tom fills.  After the second chorus there was a short breakdown that lead to the lead guitar solo.  Over the top of the solo there was several vocal accents.  After the solo the song more or less repeats itself.