Great White – ‘Full Circle’


Mark Kendall – lead guitar, percussion, backing vocals  rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass guitar
Audie Desbrow – drums, percussion
Michael Lardie – rhythm guitar, banjo, electric sitar, keyboards, synthesizer, piano, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals
Scott Snyder – bass guitar, backing vocals
Terry Ilous – lead vocals



1.)” I'm Alright” –Mark opens this intro with a mean power chord over the top of a cymbal crash.  The intro to this song had a very simple feel to it.  Two measures into the intro and there was a tom-tom fill.  To connect the musical intro with the musical verse there was a small snare drum fill.  The musical verse consisted of two rhythm guitar arrangements.  Michael’s guitar arrangement is just a little bit different than Marks rhythm guitar arrangement.  Once the musical verse kicks-in there is absolutely no mistaking that Mark Kendall is playing guitar.  In between the second and third lyric line Mark played a few lead guitar licks.  There was a small backing harmony underneath Terry’s vocals of the fourth lyric line.  There was a rhythm guitar arrangement change for the musical chorus.  The lyric lines of the second vers were just like the first verse.  There was a Mark Kendall lead guitar solo connecting the second chorus with a break down section.  The breakdown section lead to a third chorus.  Underneath the lyric lines of the outro there was several lead guitar licks.
2.)” Movin' On” – This intro consisted of a very cool rhythm guitar arrangement.  Underneath the rhythm guitar Audie plays a hi-tat and bass drum pattern.  Over the top of the rhythm guitar Terry sings a few vocal accents, I have been a Great White fan since there freshman self-titled release released in ’84.  This riff Mark wrote has to be the coolest riff I have ever heard Mark play.  There was a small snare drum fill connecting the musical intro with the musical verse.  Mark used the same rhythm arrangement for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  On the and of four Audie opened his hi-hat.  There was a snare drum fill connecting the verse with the pre-chorus.  The chorus consisted of a huge hook.  There were two choruses back to back.  After the second chorus there was a banjo solo.  I really was not expecting this. After the banjo solo there was an electric guitar solo.
3.)” This Is The Life” – The track opens with the effects of the outdoors.  The musical intro opens with a pick slide.  After the opening guitar riff is repeated twice there was a cymbal crash.  Connecting the musical intro with the musical verse Audie plays a snare drum fill.  Mark played the same rhythm on his guitar as Audie’s drum fill.  The band used the same rhythm for the musical verse as the one for the intro.  After each third lyric line of the verse there was a couple cymbal crashes.  After the verse there was a rhythm change for the musical pre-chorus. The rhythm guitar of the musical pre-chorus consisted of a very nice hook.  There was no music underneath the first lyric line of the first chorus.  Connecting the first chorus with the second verse there was a minor lead guitar solo.  The first lyric line of the second verse consisted of only vocals.  After the second chorus there was a major lead guitar solo.  In between the lyric lines of the coda there was a twin lead guitar solo.
4.)” Let Me In” – Great White never surprises me with their ballads and this was no exception!
5.) “Moonshine” – The track opens with an Audie drum rhythm.  After two measures’s the rhythm guitar kicks-in.  After each rhythm riff there was a musical rest, over the top of the second rest Terry sang a vocal accent.  After one measure Terry sings “Listen up” to kick off the musical verse.  For the musical verse the band used the same rhythm guitar arrangement as the one for the intro, Scott’s bass line kicks-in for the musical verse.  There was a rhythm change for the musical chorus.  Underneath the main musical arrangement of the chorus there was a horn arrangement.  The way the band arranged the lyric lines along with the horn section gave the musical chorus a Motown feel.  The lead guitar solo consisted of a much laid back feel.
6.) “Cry Of A Nation” – This intro had a classic Temptations feel to it.  In many ways the intro reminded me of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”.  About two measures into the intro section Mark plays a few lead guitar licks along with Michael playing a few keyboard licks.  The band kept the same basic arrangement for the verse adding more keyboards and guitars.  The band kept the chorus very simple.  After the second chorus the song kicks in.  The lead guitar solo was very basic and suited the song very well.  Motown is one of my favorite styles of music so I really feel in love with this track.  Underneath the lyric lines of the coda Mark played several lead guitar licks.
7.)” Give It Up”- This track opened with several funk riffs.  After about one measure Audie kicked the drum line in.  The main intro consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  The musical verse consisted of two different rhythm guitar arrangements.  There was an arrangement change for the musical chorus.  This was the first track on the release that did not have a major lad guitar solo instead there was little lead guitar licks scattered throughout the song.          
8.)” Big Time” – This was a classic early Great White sounding song.  Once you hear it you can see why they took it as the first single.
9.)” Never Let You Down” -  This was a classic Great White blues song.

    Formed in 1977, Great White did not release their first album until 1982 titled, ‘Out Of The Night’.  However, it was not until their 1987 ‘Once Bitten’ and the release of the single “Rock Me” did the band begun to see success.  Since then the band has been going strong even through ups and downs such as line-up changes, alcohol and drug problems just to name a few.  In 2011 while Jack was recovering from health issues the band hired former XYZ Terry Ilous.  On March 18, 2012 Great White announced that Terry Ilous will be a full-time member of the band.
    Though in name there are two versions of Great White.  However take it from someone who has been a fan of Great White’s since the release of their self-titled debut released in 1984.  There is only one Great White and it is the one with Terry Ilous.  Nothing against Jack Russell because his version of Great White and their latest release ‘He Say It Coming’ was a great CD.  However vocally he just doesn’t hold a candle to Terry (an I’m just not saying this because I know Terry)!
    ‘Full Circle’ is the thirteenth studio release from Great White and the second with vocalist Terry Ilous.  Produced by legendary hard rock producer Mike Wagener who has produced such heavy metal bands as; Dokken, Accept and Mötley Crüe just to name a few.  Because of Wagener the production value of this release was amazing!
    ‘Full Circle’ contains ten tracks that will melt your speakers.  Boy it’s been a long time since I’ve got to make that statement about Great White!  Songs like track one, “I’m Alright” and Track two, “Movin’ On” have that classic Mark Kendall heavy metal blues feel to them.  Track four titled, “Let Me In” is the first ballad in the CD.  Musically and vocally it completely blew me away!!  Track six, “Cry For A Nation” had a huge Motown feel to it.  If one did not know better they would swear that the Funk Brothers plated the music on this track.  Musically track eight had a classic early eighties Great White feel to it.
   This is by far the greatest set of songs Great White has written in a very very long time.  If you’re a fan of that classic eighties Great White sound then this is an absolute must0 have for your collection!!!!