Appice – ‘Sinister’

Carmine Appice - drums & vocals
Vinny Appice - drums
Jim Crean - vocals
Paul Shortino - vocals (Rough Cutt, Ex-Quiet Riot)
Robin McAuley - vocals (MSG)
Chas West - vocals (Ex-Lynch Mob)
Scotty Bruce - vocals
Craig Goldy -guitar (Ex-Dio, Ex-Giuffria)
Bumblefoot -guitar (Ex-Guns N' Roses)
Joel Hoekstra - guitar (Whitesnake)
Mike Sweda  - guitar (Bulletboys)
Erik Turner - guitar (Warrant)
David Michael Phillips - guitar (King Kobra)
Tony Franklin - bass (Ex-Blue Murder, Ex-The Firm)
Phil Soussan -bass (Ex-Ozzy Osbourne)
Johnny Rod - bass (King Kobra, Ex-WASP)
Jorgen Carlson - bass (Gov't Mule)
Erik Norlander  - keyboards (Lana Lane)


1.)” Sinister”
2.)” Monsters And Heroes”
3.)” Killing Floor”
4.)” Danger”
5.)” Drum Wars”
6.)” Riot”
7.)” Suddenly”
8.)” In The Night”
9.)” Future Past”
10.)” You Got Me Running”
11.)” Bros In Drums”
12.)” War Cry”
13.)” Sabbath Mash”



‘Sinister’ consists of a total of thirteen tracks, recorded by Carmine and Vinny together with distinguished colleagues. "Killing Floor" and "Future Past" feature the wonderful Craig Goldy (together with bassist Tony Franklin), Franklin resurfacing, together with Paul Shortino, on "Suddenly" and on "You Got Me Running". Shortino also lends his superb vocals to "War Cry" and the programmatic "Monsters And Heroes", the latter also featuring BULLETBOYS guitarist Mick Sweda, while Shortino teams up with WHITESNAKE stringsman Joel Hoekstra on "War Cry". Talking of vocals: "Sinister", "Danger" (bass: Phil Soussan), "In The Night" (guitar: Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal) and "Sabbath Mash" (guitar: Erik Turner, keyboards: Erik Norlander) are all sung by Jim Crean, while Chas West recorded the vocal parts for "Killing Floor", Scotty Bruce featuring on "Future Past" and Robin McAuley on "Riot". The biggest surprise of all: Carmine himself doubles as vocalist on "You Got Me Running". Vinny says: "Carmine has been singing lead and background for years. He's a very good singer and I"m glad he sang one number on this record."
Whether they want to admit it or not every musician in the music business is family.  You have some like Gene and Paul of Kiss who really love each other then you have members of M
ötley who haven’t spoken since splitting up.    Though there are cases especially in rock where you have brothers that play maybe not in the same band but play in rock music just the same the two most popular would have to be the Van Halen Brothers.  However, let’s see you also have Malcom and Angus Young, Shawn, Matt and Jeff Duncan and the two most famous drummers Carmine and Vinny Appice.  Now for those that sill is having a hard time with the last name and which one is correct.  Well folks, neither!  It’s actually pronounced (A’peach’chee).  Now after 40 plus years the two brothers have finally found the time in their busy schedules to hit the studio and record a release for themselves.  At this age they are playing so much alike that without watching this live it is almost impossible to tell who is playing what and when.  All I can say is like always the two are completely dead on.  The release contains thirteen tracks, two are drum battles and there is at least one instrumental that I know of.  I have often said it was the Appice brothers that taught me to play drums and I say that because I learn to read music and play drums through their books, video cassettes, and anything else of theirs I could get my hands on.  So for me The Loney Tunes could have been fronting the guys and I would have enjoyed the drumming and the drumming would have caused me to enjoyed the songs.  My only complaint is when I moved I still do not have my stereo perfectly set-up yet so at time everything kind of ran together.  But HELL just looks at the musicians!  This CD is worth buying if you’re into heavy metal, a drummer, or just picking up sticks for the first time.  Let me tell you young drummers something screw these young drummers , nothing against them however the Appice Brothers are who you need to learn from.  SO DO IT!!!!!