Chaser - 'Raiders-The Anthology'


Steve Baker - Vocals...
Kevin Clark - Guitar/Vocals...
Adam 'Shag' Shelswell - Guitar/Vocals...
Kevin 'Bodge' Rogers - Bass...
Clive 'Jivs' Richardson - Drums

2.)"Final Stand"
3.)"Bad Lover"
6.)"Dressed For The Kill"
7.)"Sudden Break"
81.)"Salute The Warrior Queen"
10.)"On My Own"
11.)"For King And For Country"
12.)"First To Fall"
14.)"Dressed For The Kill"


    On May 8, 1979, British journalist Geoff Barton attended a concert featuring Iron Maiden, Samson and Angel Witch at London’s Bandwagon Heavy Metal Soundhouse – a modest venue that hosted semi-weekly gatherings for a few hundred regulars to bang their heads together along to unsigned bands and assorted records spun by emcee and radio DJ Neal Kay.
    Barton’s review of this particular show, which emerged in the next issue of weekly music paper Sounds, carried the first known printed reference to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The term is believed to have been coined by the magazine’s editor Alan Lewis, but which Barton himself would take a lead role in popularizing – first via his ongoing coverage of the scene, and then as the founding editor of Kerrang! magazine, the ’80s heavy-metal bible.
    Though many bands such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, along with many others had great success not only in the US however world-wide.  There was just as many band just as great that never saw huge success outside of the UK.  One of those bands was a band called Chaser.
    In 1984, the Ipswich, Suffolk based band Chaser released a single titled, "Raiders" (this single is now a sought after item from die-hard heavy metal fans).  Between 1984-1986, Chaser managed to professionally record fifteen songs, enough songs to release an album.  However, the songs never saw the light of day and the recordings got buried.  After thirty year the fifteen recording were bought by Skol Records and has seen the light of day. This limited edition CD titled 'Raiders – The Anthology, includes all fifteen tracks Chaser recorded, with new mastering by Bart Gabriel (CIRITH UNGOL, MYTHRA, SATAN’S HOST).
    Tracks one and two were released as singles in the UK. Then tracks three through fifteen dating between 1985-1987 I am dumbfounded Chaser was never signed to a major label.  Chaser was just as good if not better than most of the band signed within the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era.  The question is.  Would they have had a long and lasting career such as Iron Maiden?  I kind of doubt it. Not many bands have a long and lasting career such as Iron Maiden has.  However, in my opinion if Chaser had of had proper promotion a long with the support of a major label there is no doubt they would have went places and had had some success.  If you are a die-hard heavy metal fan this limited edition release is an absolute must have!