CD REVIEW: 7/11/15

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   Frontiers Music Srl will release the tenth studio album from British rockers PRAYING MANTIS, titled "Legacy", on August 21.
The official video for the "Legacy" song "Fight For Your Honour" can be seen below.
The early reactions to the new songs have been outstanding and there is a real buzz beginning to emerge that this could arguably be the best album that MANTIS have ever made! Bold words to be sure, but this is more than mere record label hyperbole...
"Legacy" is the first recording to feature the two new members from the Netherlands, John "Jaycee" Cuijpers and Hans in't Zandt (vocals and drums respectively), who have truly provided a new dimension to the writing process and musical performances. Together with the prolific songwriting talents of Chris Troy and guitarists Tino Troy and Andy Burgess, they have been instrumental not only in the writing of the new songs, but in providing a new vision in terms of the sound engineering and production. The recording of the album was carried out in various recording studios in Belgium, Netherlands and U.K.
As per the previous record, "Sanctuary", the mixing of the new album was done by Andrew Reilly in his studio in Atlanta. The first single, "Fight For Your Honour", will be accompanied by a video shot while the band performed the song for the first time at their acclaimed performance at the Frontiers Rock Festival II in Milan, Italy.
One of the most influential and famous artists in the rock field, Rodney Matthews (MAGNUM, DIAMOND HEAD, ALLEN/LANDE), has been commissioned to do the artwork for the album in the same style and stunning quality that so many fans loved on the original MANTIS albums like 'Time Tells No Lies' and the later album "Predator In Disguise".
PRAYING MANTIS are a well-established band of melodic hard rockers. They were formed by brothers Tino and Chris Troy in 1973 and together with bands like IRON MAIDEN, DEF LEPPARD, SAXON, and others they spearheaded the NWOBHM movement. While they did not see the same dizzying heights of success as some of their contemporaries, PRAYING MANTIS nonetheless became one of the most influential bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The band has remained active over the years and still record and play live regularly.

An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the album is available below:

Legacy track listing:
1. Fight For Your Honour
2. The One
3. Believable
4. Tokyo
5. Better Man
6. All I See
7. Eyes Of A Child
8. The Runner
9. Against The World
10. Fallen Angel
11. Second Time Around

Tino Troy - Guitar
Chris Troy - Bass
John Cuijpers - Vocals
Andy Burgess - Guitar
Hans in't Zandt - Drums



    LYNCH MOB, the band led by former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch, will release its eighth studio CD, "Rebel", on August 21 via Frontiers Music Srl. The effort was produced by Lynch collaborator Chris "the Wizard" Collier.
The LYNCH MOB lineup on 'Rebel' is comprised of Lynch, Oni Logan on vocals, Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN, FOREIGNER, DIO) on bass and Brian Tichy (ex-WHITESNAKE, OZZY OSBOURNE) on drums.
The song "War", taken from "Rebel", can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.
'Rebel' track listing:
1. Automatic Fix
2. Between The Truth And A Lie
3. Testify
4. Sanctuary
5. Pine Tree Avenue
6. Jelly Roll
7. Dirty Money
8. The Hollow Queen
9. The Ledge
10. Kingdon Of Slaves
11. War
Songs like "Testify", "Sanctuary" and "Dirty Money" showcase Oni's trademark vocal ability while putting his diverse lyrical content on full display.
The official video for the album's first single, "Automatic Fix", can be seen below. The song features an exciting opening riff and vocal melody and Lynch burns on one of his best guitar solos.
Fans who pre-order "Rebel" via iTunes at will receive an instant download of "Automatic Fix".
Talking about "Automatic Fix", Logan states: "This is an interesting song in that it was the last song that was recorded vocally. I initially thoughtthat it might be best used as instrumental. I simply love this song because of its energy an attitude."
"With 'Rebel', we allowed ourselves to move outside our normally imposed self restraints and tread some forbidden sonic territories," explains Lynch. "What surprises me is no matter how far we attempt to stray away from the classic 'LYNCH MOB formula,' we can never really escape the chemistry between myself and Oni. There's just a thing that happens there that's unique to us and undeniable."

LYNCH MOB formed in 1989 after Lynch exited DOKKEN.

     This year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of LYNCH MOB's debut album, "Wicked Sensation", which is the band's most commercially successful work to date, having sold more than half a million copies in the U.S. alone. LYNCH MOB has released seven other albums throughout its career.
LYNCH MOB will be touring throughout the summer in support of 'Rebel'.



HEAVEN & EARTH: Stuart Smith (Guitar), Joe Retta (Vocals), Lynn Sorensen (Bass/Vocals), Ty Bailie (Keyboards) and Simon Wright (Drums)

    HEAVEN & EARTH--the Los Angeles-based quintet who masterfully fuseelements of hard rock, blues and bits of classical on their acclaimed album Dig, which they toured Europe in support of throughout 2014--are back in the studio working on a new album (produced by Dave Jenkins and available via Quarto Valley Records) set to be released this fall (title and date TBA). In between writing and recording the new album, HEAVEN & EARTH--Stuart Smith (band founder/guitarist), Joe Retta (vocals), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Lynn Sorensen of Paul Rogers/Bad Company (bass/vocals) and Ty Bailie (keyboards)--will make an appearance at the Vasby Rock Festival in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday, July 17. Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio) will be filling in on drums for Aronoff, the band's regular drummer, as he's currently on tour with John Fogerty.
Says Stuart: "We've been hard at work writing for the new Heaven & Earth album which has been a long process as we felt we had a lot to live up to after Dig. We spent 14 months crafting and recording the songs for that album--and after all the positive reviews and press, myself and Bruce Quarto, our record company president, felt that we had to bring out something equally as good or better. We've been aiming for the 'better' end of the bar we previously set." Stuarts adds:  "I'm pleased to say that we've got quite a few new songs that we're really happy with and will be releasing a few teasers very soon.  We'll also be debuting a few songs off the new upcoming Heaven & Earth album at the Vasby Festival this month so we're really looking forward to that. On a personal note I'd like add that I'm really looking forward to playing live for the first time my 'Stuart Smith Signature Model' guitar built by Aero3 Guitars. It's been sounding amazing on recordings and rehearsals but I'm looking forward to blasting it out at a big festival."
HEAVEN & EARTH connected strongly with music audiences on their 2014 17-date European tour, garnering strong reviews along the way.
"Those in the venue witnessed a very special show in an intimate setting and such an opportunity won`t be available for long as the band are destined for much bigger venues." (METAL EXPRESS RADIO)


    "What a Night!...On the evidence of this performance, you should move on Heaven & Earth, not to miss them!" (ROCKTOPIA)
    "Heaven & Earth may well have delivered one of the best shows of the year....A very special show by a hugely talented band" (THE NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE)
    "The highly acclaimed quintet from Los Angeles have a created a fusion of Blues and Hard Rock with a touch of classical which contains everything you could wish for...power anthems, ballads and melodic rock rub shoulders in a rather potent mix" (THE BOLTON NEWS)
    HEAVEN & EARTH's third studio album, Dig--released April, 2013 on Quarto Valley Records--was produced by Dave Jenkins--who's turned the knobs for everyone from Metallica to Tower of Power. The album features special guests Howard Leese (Heart, Paul Rodgers), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and David Paich (Toto). HEAVEN & EARTH's music comes together explosively on the album's first single "No Money, No Love" and its controversial video which has logged over 545,000 views and can be viewed here: Stream Dig onSoundCloud or Spotify now.