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    After two successful charting albums 'Glorious' (2015) and 'Pearls' ( 2016) and over 100 shows performed Bonfire and David Reece part ways citing the reasons as personal and professional differences. These differences are irreconcilable so both parties decide it is best to just part ways. Bonfire wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Returning to Bonfire will be former Bonfire singer Michael Borman (1993/94). Michael is a very accomplished singer in his own right. A seasoned veteran of Germany's music scene and also well known for his appearances on the Television show "The Voice Germany". This reunion of sorts with Mastermind Hans Ziller at the controls has all the ingredients for a truly incredible future. With all the missing pieces finally in place this alignment will prove to be the strongest Bonfire ever.




'Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes': Video Recap Of Los Angeles Screenings:

    A video recap of the Los Angeles screening premiere for the documentary film "Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes" (MetalRock Films) — which took place June 2 at The Attic in Hollywood, California and June 6 at Regency 6 in North Hollywood, California — can be seen below. The video features several candid interviews with many of the musicians and industry professionals that attended the two screenings.
Included are short interview clips with:
♫ Ann Boleyn (HELLION) & Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC)

♫ Marq Torien (BULLETBOYS)

♫ Mitch Perry (MSG, STEELER, CHER)

♫ Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT, RATT)

♫ Jonas Akerlund (Film Director)


♫ Adam Parsons (Manager)

♫ Michael Oliveri (LEATHERWOLF)

♫ Marten Andersson (LIZZY BORDEN)

♫ Nadir D'Priest (LONDON)

♫ Marc Ferrari (KEEL)

♫ Phyllis Pollack (Journalist)

♫ Willie Basse (BLACK SHEEP)

♫ Rik Fox (STEELER, S.I.N.)

♫ Gina Zamparelli (Concert Promoter)

♫ Jerry Best (LION, DIO)

♫ Steven Craig & Adam Segan (former managers of SLAYER & EXODUS)

♫ Michael Coons (LAAZ ROCKET)


♫ Robert Rhine (GIRLS & CORPSES)


♫ Robert Sexton (Film director)

♫ Betsy Weiss (BITCH)
'LA Metal Scene Explodes' is the second, two-volume title in the 'Inside Metal' documentary film series which begins where the critically acclaimed debut movie, 'Pioneers Of L.A. Rock And Metal', left off. Featuring in-depth interviews with metal icons as well as many pivotal players, including musicians, managers, journalists and label execs, 'Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes' covers the era from 1981 to 1986 when the local hard rock and metal scene took Los Angeles by storm.
'Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes' features interviews with:
♫ Lars Ulrich (METALLICA)

♫ Stephen Pearcy (RATT)

♫ Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT, RATT)

♫ Jack Russell (GREAT WHITE)

♫ Don Dokken (DOKKEN)

♫ Dave Meniketti (Y&T)

♫ David Ellefson (MEGADETH)

♫ Chris Holmes and Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.)

♫ John Bush and Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT)



♫ Ron Keel (STEELER, KEEL)


♫ Betsy Weiss (BITCH)

♫ Jaime St. James (BLACK 'N BLUE)

♫ Lizzy Borden (THE BAND)


♫ Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)

♫ Marq Torien (BULLETBOYS)

♫ Joe Floyd (WARRIOR)

♫ Ann Boleyn (HELLION)

♫ Steve Plunkett (AUTOGRAPH)

♫ Rik Fox (STEELER)

♫ Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records)

♫ Jay Reynolds (MALICE)

♫ Joe Floyd (WARRIOR)


♫ Malcolm Dome (Journalist)

♫ Bernie K. & Spacey T. (SOUND BARRIER)

♫ Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT)

♫ Gina Zamparelli (Concert Promoter)

♫ Many Charlton (NAZARETH)

♫ Jerry Best (LION, DIO)

♫ Monte Pittman (MADONNA, PRONG)

♫ Ricard Black (SHARK ISLAND)

♫ Roger Romeo (LEGS DIAMOND)

♫ Mandy Lion (WORLD WAR III)

♫ Nadir D'Priest (LONDON)

♫ Bruce Bouilett (RACER X)

♫ David Resch (PANDEMONIUM)
'Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes' can be streamed and/or purchased via iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play.

Part 2 of the movie will be available August 12.

Joe Perry Reportedly Out Of Hospital, Resting At Home:

    According to The Pulse Of Radio, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has been discharged from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York after collapsing on stage Sunday night during a Hollywood Vampires show in Brooklyn, New York. He is said to be resting at home in suburban Boston.
Meanwhile, the Vampires' have continued with their U.S. tour, which had them in Cadott, Wisconsin last night. Joining the group on stage at the concert was Marilyn Manson on Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen". The band also went back to doing the three songs that Aerosmith normally performs — "Sweet Emotion", "Come Together" and "Train Kept-a-Rollin'".
Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, who just released his debut solo album, said that he was extremely worried about Perry, claiming that he has been kept in the dark on his bandmate's status — with some reports claiming Joe actually suffered a cardiac arrest. "I've had calls in for two days and I'm really concerned," Tyler said. "I don't know what's going on with him and his management people. I just don't know and it's starting to scare me a little bit. I know they're putting out nothing but, 'He's recovering, he's really good, he fainted, exhaustion.' But I know my brother. And he's just about the only other guy that's just as passionate about his art as I am. He's always askin' me to do three, four shows in a row. I know how to maintain my career, my health. I don't think he knows how to."
Tyler told The Pulse Of Radio it's very likely that the Vampires' itinerary is simply too strenuous to allow Perry the time needed to recharge between gigs. "I think he's out there and someone's over-booking him," he said. "Even though one could say the band booked themselves; well, that's righteous of 'em, but they'e doing like eight or nine shows in a row — or five in a row. And I think they're all a little burnt. I think they need to look at that, Y'know, not young anymore, right?"









    Glenn Hughes spoke to the Danish metal magazine 'METALIZED' about Black Country Communion's Plans to reunite for a fourth studio album in 2017.
    Black Country Communion was the Anglo-American rock supergroup featuring Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze), drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol) and blues-rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa. The band split in late 2012 due to tensions between Bonamassa and Hughes.
    Regarding how the reunion came about, Hughes said: "In February 1 was doing an interview with Gary Graff, the editor of Billboard magazine in America. Gary asked me some questions about [Deep Purple's Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame [induction]. I said to him that I don't think I will ever be in a band again after Black Country because the legacy of those three albums was so mighty and the band was so good with each member being very, very good. I said to him that Black Country Communion will be the last band I play in. Three weeks later, Joe Bonamassa calls me for dinner. I had no idea why."

    He continued: "We're friends. We've always been friends. People thought we weren't friends. He said, 'Hey, don't you think it's time we make another great album?' I said, 'I do. And do you know that this is the last band I am gonna play in?' We joked about it.  "Joe and I are very friendly. We never ever fell out. Joe is a solo artist as I am now.  "The fans on the Internet thought we were fighting. We never fought.

"When Joe and I had dinner in March in L.A., we hugged each other and said, 'Hey, we're friends, we're family.' I am a big fan of Joe as a person and a musician, and I like his fans."
"We are going to do this one step at a time. Let's do the album and think about doing some shows. Let's see what happens. Let's embrace it."
Asked about his expectations for the fourth Black Country Communion album, Hughes answered: "I think the world needs another big rock album.
"I love Black Country Communion so much, and I am so happy that we're getting back together again.
" Black Country Communion really gave me so much energy to write.
"When I joined the band, Joe and I were working for a year before Jason and Derek and Kevin [Shirley, producer] joined. Joe and I were working together writing in 2009. He was doing great, coming up as a solo artist. He said to me very kindly that he was a solo artist and that he was going to be a solo artist for the rest of his life. And I said to him, 'That's fantastic.' I never asked him to change and be in a band with me. I had other things going on, I had other people to play with.
"Joe and I knew that he was going to continue and Black Country Communion would be a band that would play shows from time to time. That was it. We did 33 shows in all in three years which isn't very much. Again, there was no expectations to play anymore. But when we broke up, there was the factor: if you can't play any shows, there's no point making new music. You know, I was writing all the time.
"I said to Joe, 'I think I should go back and make a solo album,' and he said, 'Great!' And that what's happened. My first thing is my solo career now.

    Black Country Communion third album, 'Afterglow, sold 8,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 48 on The Billboard 200 chart.
2012's "2" CD from Black Country Communion opened with 8,000 units to land at No. 71.
Black Country Communion 's self-titled debut album registered a first-week tally of 7,100 copies to enter the chart at No. 54.



    SiriusXM has uploaded two new videos of Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde covering Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” and “Sleeping Dogs” on Octane. Octane is pure, high-powered hard rock that's loud, uncensored and in your face.



    Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger hung with Zakk Wylde before soundcheck during the Nashville stop of the Generation Axe tour.
Wylde, an intimidating muscle-bound shred monster turned out to be perhaps the nicest guy on the planet, is a renaissance man, and a titian of industry. Zakk humbly took us through his rig full of newly-launched Wylde Audio wares.
The guitars Wylde tours with are the same off-the-shelf models that are available through Wylde Audio. Typically, the Black Label Society frontman hangs on to one axe through an entire set and on this particular night this Warhammer model got the call. It features a mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, Floyd Rose tremolo, and a set of Wylde’s signature EMG pickups.
Wylde also plays this Wylde Audio Viking V. It has nearly identical specs as the Warhammer, but with a pinstripe finish.




TWISTED SISTER: 'You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll'


    The first 'Metal Meltdown' concert series event kicked off at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on May 30, 2015. Legendary, selling rockers Twisted Sister performed an explosive 90-minute concert of their biggest hits spanning their 40-year career. The show was dedicated to the honor of Twisted Sister's iconic drummer A.J. Pero, whose tragic, sudden death just two months prior to the filming of this event shocked the music world. The band announced that not only were all the remaining concerts being performed in 2015 dedicated to the memory of A.J. Pero, but that 2016 would mark the 40th and final year of the band's legendary live performances. They recruited renowned drummer and friend of A.J. Pero,'Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas'
1.) "What You Don't Know"
2.) "The Kids Are Back"
3.) "Stay Hungry"
4.) "The Beast"
5.) "Shoot ‘Em Down"
6.) "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll"
7.) "I Believe In Rock ‘N' Roll"
8.) "Under The Blade"
9.) "I Am (I'm Me)"
10.) "We're Not Gonna Take It"
11.) "The Fire Still Burns"
12.) "The Price"
13.) "Burn In Hell"
A.J. Pero Tribute
14.) "I Wanna Rock"
15.) "Come Out and Play"
16.) "S.M.F."

(The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold) to take the reins, and his very first Twisted Sister appearance was captured by the 'Metal Meltdown' camera crew.
    Twisted Sister fans will now get to witness that special concert produced by the award-winning production company Rock Fuel Media in association with Loud & Proud Records. Directed by Brian Lockwood (Bon Jovi, Metallica, Mötley Crüe), 'Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas' features that complete concert, as well as 'Rockshow', a bonus documentary that takes fans through the band's 40-year ride from local club outcasts to world domination with exclusive interviews, archive footage from the '80s, photo gallery. It was mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. Set for release July 22, the retail package includes both Blu-ray and DVD formats as well as an audio CD.
As Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French explains: "The decision to continue performing all the summer shows in 2015, not to mention the concert that this performance celebrates, was in jeopardy over the days immediately following A.J.'s sudden death. We needed time to re-group and re-focus. Everyone was great. All the promoters of the huge European summer festivals that we were set to headline and Barry, the producer of this concert, said, 'We understand. You all (meaning the band) have to do what makes you comfortable. Whatever the band decides has to be honored and respected."
"In the end, I believe we did what A.J. would have wanted us to do and Mike Portnoy was a very big part of that decision in both an emotional and artistic way. This performance captured herein just two months after A.J.'s death really was about our way to help memorialize the great A.J. Pero. The front four (Dee, Eddie, Mark and I) have had no one but A.J. behind us since 1982. This concert has A.J.'s influence permeating through our bloodstream in ways that I will never forget and when we cut to A.J.'s drum solo on the rear projection screen, We were all emotionally overwhelmed. Not since our reunion for New York Steel in 2001 (to honor and raise money for the families of the NYC police and fire department who died on 9/11) have I been moved to tears."
    Award-winning producer Barry Summers of Rock Fuel Media commented: "Twisted Sister was the first live club band I ever saw in 1979 at Emmett's Inn in New Jersey, and they literally blew my mind. We actually revisited Emmett's and filmed a scene for the 'Rockshow' documentary. It has been a real dream come true to produce this amazing concert film for such an iconic and influential band. The tribute to A.J. Pero makes this film that much more special. We're excited to give the fans the highest quality concert film and live recordings ever released in the year of Twisted Sister final farewell.”
    Other bands filmed in Las Vegas as part of the "Metal Meltdown" include Extreme, Skid Row and Great White. Stay tuned for details on those releases.

'Metal Meltdown - Featuring Twisted Sister Live At The Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas'
1.) "What You Don't Know"
2.) "The Kids Are Back"
3.) "Stay Hungry"
4.) "The Beast"
5.) "Shoot ‘Em Down"
6.) "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll"
7.) "I Believe In Rock ‘N' Roll"
8.) "Under The Blade"
9.) "I Am (I'm Me)"
10.) "We're Not Gonna Take It"
11.) "The Fire Still Burns"
12.) "The Price"
13.) "Burn In Hell"
A.J. Pero Tribute
14.) "I Wanna Rock"
15.) "Come Out and Play"
16.) "S.M.F."



     The metal queen Doro will be releasing 'Strong & Proud' on July 1, 2016 to commemorate her 30th year anniversary in the rock and metal industry. 'Strong & Proud' will be available in different formats including a single CD and three standard DVDs, or single CD and two blu-ray DVD's.
    Doro CD cover states the following about 'Strong & Proud': "2016 release from the German metal vocalist. Across the 14 songs, Doro celebrates her career from Warlock to the present day, also offering up cover versions of artists that have inspired her – including Iron Maiden, Dio and Accept. Doro Pesch has always been a fighter. A fighter who passionately stands for what she is: a pioneer and driving force for heavy metal. As a young girl her dad, being a lorry driver, took her on his tours, and thus awoke her passion for travelling. To be on the move, to experience new things; it has been a part of Doro‘s life ever since she’s a little girl. After forming the band Warlock in the early ’80’s, she secured a record deal and played gigs and tours with legends like Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Scorpions, Megadeth and W.A.S.P. She became the first woman to play the Monsters Of Rock Festival and continues to be a pioneer for females in metal."
Tracklisting  for 'Strong & Proud':
1.) "On The Run"
2.) "Save My Soul"
3.) "Raise Your Fist"
4.) "Fear Of The Dark" (featuring Blaze Bayley)
5.) "Revenge"
6.) "Earthshaker Rock"
7.) "Without You"
8.) "Rock Till Death" (featuring Hansi Kursch)
9.) "Egypt (The Chains Are On)"
10.) "FÜR Immer" (featuring Uli Jon Roth)
11.) "Hellbound"
12.) "Balls to the Wall" (featuring Udo Dirkschneider)
13.) "You’re My Family"
14.) "All We Are"



"(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead":

    Canadian heavy metal rockers Helix have released a video for their new song “(Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead” from their upcoming compilation album 'Rock It Science'.

    The video pokes fun at KISS‘ bassist Gene Simmons who made his now infamous comment that “rock is finally dead” during a prior interview that he had with Esquire.

'Rock It Science' will be available for purchase soon via Perris Records.

Tracklisting for 'Rock It Science':

1.) "Billy Oxygen"

2.) "You’re A Woman Now"

3.) "Heavy Metal Love"

4.) "Rock You"

5.) "Deep Cuts The Knife"

6.) "Wild In The Streets"

7.) "Good To The Last Drop"

8.) "Shock City Psycho Rock"

9.) "Get Up!"

10.) "Make ‘Em Dance"

11.) "Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Home Town)"
12.) "Mystery Track"


AUGUST 26, 2016:

    On August 26, California rockers Tesla will release 'Mechanical Resonance Live!', a live recording of their classic album, celebrating the original multi-platinum record's 30th anniversary in style. With a few surprises up their sleeve, including the single "Save That Goodness" written and produced by Def Leppard's Phil Collen, the effort will be made available via Tesla Electric Company Recordings/Mailboat. The record is being released in conjunction with Tesla's summer tour opening up for Def Leppard, where they will perform in front of over half a million fans.

    Said Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon: "30 years later and the songs on our first album still rock! Making this new live album of 'Mechanical Resonance' was a reminder of the innocence and creative beginnings of Tesla."

    Added Tesla bassist Brian Wheat: "It was a lot of fun to re-visit some of the songs we hadn't played in decades and had a great time recording it."

    Over the course of their thirty-year career, which started in 1986, the iconic Sacramento melodic hard rock quintet — Frank Hannon (guitar), Brian Wheat (bass), Jeff Keith (lead vocals), Troy Luccketta (drums), and Dave Rude (guitar) — has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide and played to sold-out crowds across the globe.

    The 21st century has become something of a renaissance for Tesla. Most recently, 2014's 'Simplicity' bowed at #14 on The Billboard 200. The group ignited ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! in addition to scorching stages at festivals such as Rocklahoma, Graspop Metal Meeting and Sweden Rock Festival as well as the cruise Monsters Of Rock. As they prepare to cut their ninth full-length album with Phil Collen in the producer's chair, Tesla takes another monumental leap forward as they glance back on 'Mechanical Resonance Live!'

'Mechanical Resonance Live!' tracklisting:

1.)"Rock Me to the Top"

2.)"Ez Come Ez Go"

3.)"Gettin' Better"

4.)"Comin' Atcha Live"


6.)"Before My Eyes"

7.)"2 Late 4 Love"

8.)"We're No Good Together"

9.)"Love Me"

10.)"Cover Queen"

11.)"Lil' Suzie"

12.)"Modern Day Cowboy"
13.)"Save That Goodness" (bonus studio track) (written/produced by Phil Collen)



    Don Dokken has confirmed that the classic lineup of Dokken will reunite for a series of concerts in Japan, with no plans to take the reunion to the rest of the world.
    The six shows will take place this October, and will include an appearance at the Loud Park festival, which last year celebrated its tenth anniversary.

    During an appearance on last night's (Saturday, June 25) installment of "The Classic Metal Show", Don explained how the long-rumored Dokken reunion finally came to fruition.
    "Years and years ago, I made a comment offhandedly, like, 'You wanna do a reunion tour? I'll do it for this amount of money," Don said (hear audio below). "It was like a one and a lot of zeros. And that was my price, and everybody said, 'You're crazy.' And I said, 'Well, that's my price, and I'm not gonna do it [for anything less].' And now, fifteen years later, somebody came up with that price. So I approached George [Lynch, former Dokken guitarist] and Jeff [Pilson, former Dokken bassist], and I said, 'You guys wanna make a shitload of money for about one week of work?' And I told them the price, and I told them how much I wanted and how much they'd make, and, basically, they could make more money in one week than they'd probably make in several years. And so everybody said, 'Okay.' So I said, 'Well, I'll do it on the condition that I don't wanna do it in America or Europe or anywhere else. Just six shows in Japan.' 'Cause we were very big in Japan, and it's just a… It's a reunion tour. So they agreed, and we're gonna do six shows in Japan. We're gonna be playing Loud Park, headlining with the Scorpions. The two headliners are us and Scorpions. We're playing the same night — back to back on two different stages. And then we're gonna buzz off and do five more shows. And it's very temporary."

    Despite the fact that there is plenty of interest from promoters in other parts of the world to book the Dokken reunion, Don claims that the Japanese dates are the only shows the group is committed to doing.
"Of course, everybody came out of the woodwork, and they want us to do Sweden Rock, Wacken festivals, M3… People are throwing money at us to do a Dokken reunion in the States and Europe, and my answer to everybody is, 'No. It's not gonna happen," he said.
"I feel bad for my agents, 'cause they're getting bombarded from these offers for us to play these big festivals all over the world as a reunion, but I'm just not interested; I'm sorry, I'm just not," he continued. "Jeff's busy. He plays like crazy in FOREIGNER. He's on the road. George is out, you know, playing the bars with Lynch Mob, so everybody's busy. So I don't see any reason… I can't say, 'We can make all this tons of money…' And we're doing this tour for a lot of money, but I'm doing it to put an exclamation point on a very temporary reunion."

    According to Don, part of the reason there are no plans for the reunited Dokken to play any other shows after the Japanese run is the fact that the current lineup of Dokken — which includes fellow member of the band's classic lineup, drummer Mick Brown, alongside longtime guitarist Jon Levin and bassist Chris McCarvil — is still very much an active entity, with a steady schedule of live shows throughout the year.
"I'm so happy with Jon Levin and Chris," he explained. "I mean, we get along so, so good. We're happy. We get on a plane, we fly to a venue, we hang out together and we go to dinner and we do the show and we hang out in the dressing room. It's very easy; you know, there's no drama. And at my age now, the last thing I need in my life is drama. So I am hopeful everything goes smoothly in Japan [with the reunion shows], but I am ready [laughs] for something to… There was always drama in DOKKEN, so I don't expect anything to change. I'm just gonna kind of keep myself removed from it all. All I'm gonna do is go up there and sing my butt off and play two or three songs on guitar and just make it a fun thing for [the fans]."
    Don also admonished the other members of DOKKEN's classic lineup for leaking details of the band's reunion before it was made official. "Mick said we were doing it a month ago, George has been saying it, and Jeff was saying it," he said. "Which I have to laugh, because I said, 'Please don't anybody talk about it until the contracts are signed,' and I hadn't signed the contracts until a couple of days ago."
    He continued: "Doing a tour like this is not easy; there's a lot of logistics, money, accountants, taxes, overhead, equipment, video. It's a lot of logistics to put together, and it's taken a long, long time to put this Japanese tour together. But we did it, and we're gonna do six shows.
   "Everybody was talking like it was a done deal, which is a very bad thing to do. You should never announce a tour before it's announced, because then the promoters think we're gonna do it no matter what, and it kind of hurts my negotiating skills. If we say we're gonna do this, and we're kind of bartering about how much money, and they feel we're gonna do it no matter what — if it's a half a million or million dollars — I said, 'Please don't say we're doing it, because it hurts my negotiating position. So I've said nothing until tonight."

    For Dokken fans in other parts of the world who are hoping to catch a glimpse of the reunited band, Don says that there is a small silver lining in all of this. "I'm hoping that, in rehearsals" — which will take place at the Badlands Pawn in Sioux Falls, South Dakota — "we feel that we're tight enough on the final day that we actually do a show and we're gonna film the whole thing. And hopefully it comes out good and we'll edit it and put out a live DVD."
    Serious discussions about a reunion of Dokken's classic lineup have been held, on and off, for at least the past half decade. Back in may 2010, Dokken and Lynch appeared on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" together in hopes that a reunion would follow. Despite their efforts, it never happened and Don went forward with Dokken's current lineup.
    All the members of Dokken's classic 1980s lineup reunited on stage for the first time in more than a decade on November 29, 2009 during an encore at a Dokken show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California.
    For now the band has ruled out touring in the United States an Europe.