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CD Reviews:7/30/21

Currently, with music news being posted as quick as it is on social media sites.  The Staff at Blast Magazine has made the decision to discontinue our news page.  In replacement of the news, we will be using this section for in memoriam and new release promotions such as CD release covers, track lists and videos.


The World Has Lost A Music Business Icon:

   HighVolMusic Founder Bill Chavis loses his battle with Covid-19 - "Bill was A Tough, Strong Man With A Tireless Dedication To His Family, His Artists, Rock N' Roll General And Friend To Blast Magazine!"
   The staff of Blast Magazine has received the sad news that Bill Chavis, the head of HighVolMusic, has passed away due to COVID-19. He was the heart and soul behind the label and previously ran Chavis Records.
On August 16th, Chavis posted the following message on Facebook: "Just a quick update: I'm not well. In fact, I checked out yesterday and they brought me back. I'm in ICU; going to be in here for a while and don’t know if I'll make it out.
To all my friends, thank you. To all my artists, thank you. To my staff, thank you. Hug your loved ones take care of each other. Covid is no joke. I'm living in its hell right now.
Love you all.

   The staff of Blast Magazine would like to send their deepest condolences to the Chavis and HighVoltage family.
Ron Keel has posted the following tribute to Chavis:
   "I received word earlier today that my friend and partner Bill Chavis, head of HighVolMusic, has passed away from Covid-19. We have been friends for 20 years and Bill was a tough, strong man with a tireless dedication to his family, his values, his business, his artists and rock n roll in general. Our work together was just beginning, as he had signed Ron Keel Band to a multi-album deal and we were just recently discussing the next steps and future projects.
   He believed in me and my music when few others did and gave us - and every artist on his roster - his full attention and dedication.
   I am one among many who are shocked and deeply shaken by his passing.
   To all of the HighVolMusic family, artists, fans and friends, I join you in grieving the loss of one of the true good guys I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with.


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