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Tempt Releases First Official Video:

    NYC based rockers Tempt are releasing their first official video and they are getting an extra boost from rock legends Def Leppard who shouted out their video cover on their social media as an “Awesome Job”! The magnanimous Leps’ and their fans are embracing young Tempt’s personality, passion and perseverance, breathing much needed life into every rocker’s heart. Social media is over 500,000 views and climbing! The comments shared on Def Leppard’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in response to their praise of the young band prove that Rock and Roll is alive and well.
  The ‘Hysteria’ album is my ‘Sgt. Peppers’, the songwriting, the playing , the arrangements and the production are just amazing”, said guitarist Harrison Marcello. “My iTunes counter has me at 10,000 listens and I’m still learning from it.”  “Ringo Starr recently lamented the fact that young bands were not being helped out by more established artists anymore, added singer Zach Allen “but here are the Def Leppard guys extending a helping hand to us and it means so much especially when we are right now releasing our video for “Under My Skin.
The video for “Under My Skin” was shot on location throughout New York City. It features the band performing in a classic Chrysler 300 as they travel through their hometown ending in Times Square. “The response we got from people was nuts”, exclaimed drummer, Nick Burrows. “Everywhere we went on the shoot people were just digging the music and had huge smiles on their faces. We all had a great time.


Under My Skin:

Zach Allen: Lead Vocals
Harrison Marcello: Guitar
Nick Burrows: Drums
Chris Gooden: Bass


Nozomu Wakai's Forms Super Group with Called Destinia:

    Joined by Ronnie Romero Official Site (CoreLeoni, Lords Of Black, Rainbow), Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies) and Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake/David Coverdale), Japanese Heavy Metal Guitarist Nozomu Wakai set out to release new album “Metal Souls” under his project Nozomu Wakai's Destinia.
   The new generation guitar hero Nozomu Wakai blasts his way into the world on his project from Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia, with music composed/written/produced by Nozomu himself.
   Nozomu Wakai, hailed as the guitarist who will bring forth authentic and melodic heavy metal into the 21st century, has released two albums, Requiem For A Scream (2014) and Anecdote Of The Queens (2015). Further to the release of the two albums, he has been recognized in the Japanese hard rock and heavy metal scene for his contributions on guitar/composition/sound direction for releases by the country's leading musicians and anime's.
   In 2016, during his quest to realize Destinia's new musical directions, Nozomu witnessed a performance by Lords Of Black, featuring vocalist Ronnie Romero, at Loud Park 16, the metal festival in Japan. Though Nozomu was well aware of Ronnie's abilities, he was struck hard by the new vocalist for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. An offer was made and it was decided that Ronnie would join Nozomu and participate as the vocalist for his project.

   Having set his course for the new compositions, Nozomu made the decision to offer Marco Mendoza, bassist from The Dead Daisies and solo musician, and Tommy Aldridge from Whitesnake, the rhythm section duties. They were hugely influential to him and he knew they would add extra strength to the music. It was an obvious choice for Nozomu's music, demanding the presence of two musicians with vast knowledge of the history of hard rock and heavy metal. Upon listening to Nozomu's music, Marco and Tommy were thrilled to get involved.
   Nozomu describes the musical directions and aspirations of Destinia as 'classic modern' heavy metal. "The music goes beyond the authentic hard rock and heavy metal in the same vein as Rainbow, Whitesnake and Dio - it is completed with the contemporary, modern sound styles. I am confident that I can create new music with these musicians."

   Highly praising his talents, Ronnie, Marco and Tommy joined forces with Nozomu. "I was impressed the moment I listened to his tracks," says Ronnie. "Nozomu is an incredibly talented guitar player and an amazing composer. In addition to that, my vocals fit in really well."
   Nozomu's enthusiasm for authentic metal with all his heart and soul is apparent from the album's title track “Metal Souls”. The emotional guitars and soulful vocals complement each other, backed by the powerful grooves of Tommy Aldridge and Marco Mendoza, the impenetrable rhythm section who has seen the history of hard rock and heavy metal through their own eyes while living it.
  The authentic, melodic heavy metal with striking tunes are indeed "classic modern", destined to be a masterpiece for the new age.
   Destinia’s new album, “Metal Souls” is set to be unleashed in spring 2018 via Ward Records in Japan and later in the Summer via Frontiers Music Srl in North America and Europe.
   Nozomu sees a long-term potential in Destinia, claiming there are "songs that need to be written, developments that need to be made."

   Behold the new guitar hero, the shape of things to come in the new world standard of hard rock and heavy metal.
Nozomu Wakai’s Destinia
Nozomu Wakai (Paul Shortino Band) - Guitars
Ronnie Romero (CoreLeoni, Rainbow, Lords Of Black) - Vocals
Marco Mendoza (The Dead Daisies) - Bass
Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake) - Drums


W.A.S.P. Releases 'Docter Rockter' Lyric Video:

    On February 2, W.A.S.P. released the critically acclaimed 25th anniversary edition ‘ReIdolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)’ of the band's iconic hit album ‘The Crimson Idol’. The re-recordings of one of the best concept albums of all times tell the legendary story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, an abused child looking for love. Discovering music years later, he rises to international superstardom. Later followed by a catastrophic fall.
   W.A.S.P. has now released a lyric video adaption for the song "Docter Rockter" from the original motion picture that comes as part of ‘ReIdolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)’on Blu-ray and DVD. The song displays Jonathan Aaron Steele's path to self-destruction through drug abuse and meaningless encounters to numb the pain he feels inside.

   Blackie Lawless states about the video: "Few times in life or art does reality mirror or equal imagination. The casting of the characters in this portion of the story, specifically 'Doctor Rockter', was precisely what I had envisioned when I conceived those lyrics. Rarely does it marry together as well as it did in this video. The characters were suitably revolting…….and REAL!"
‘ReIdolized (The Soundtrack to the Crimson Idol)’ track listing:
1. “The Titanic Overture”
2. “The Invisible Boy”
3. “Arena Of Pleasure”
4. “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)”
5. “The Gypsy Meets The Boy”
6. “Michael's Song”
7. “Miss You”
8. “Doctor Rockter”
1. “I Am One”
2. “The Idol”
3. “Hold On To My Heart”
4. “Hey Mama”
5. “The Lost Boy”
6. “The Peace”
7. “Show Time”
8. “The Great Misconceptions Of Me”

    Lawless told Metal Rules about ‘ReIdolized’: "It was a tremendous amount of work to re-record that album and to put that film together. I had never done anything like this and the amount of work that I took to do it. It was just like it never stopped. After the record was finished, I had five guys working in different places all over the world. Editing that movie, doing special effects on it. I'm trying to coordinate all these guys, I have never done this before. I don't know exactly what's involved and I'm trying to organize them with each other. They'll send me pictures. They'll send me 30 seconds of one song and say, 'What do you think about this?' Then I've got to coordinate this with somebody else that's doing whatever they're doing on the film. I mean, it's unbelievable, and I have never done it before. So, it's a tremendous amount of work. So, when you say it's not new, it's all new. It's just in a way that I never expected it to be."
    Regarding the recording process for ‘ReIdolized’, Blackie said: "For the album, we started [more than] a year ago, the beginning of September [2016]. So, it's been a little over a year, and I didn't think it would take more than maybe two or three months to do it. The first thing we did is we went in the studio and we took all the original tapes that I had not heard for 25 years, 26 years and it freaked me out. Because the more I listened to it, the more I realized how much work was in that. I thought, 'Oh, boy. How are we going to do this? This is a mountain of work to try to do.' So, we attempted to try to recreate it, note for note faithfully. To make it as close as a carbon copy as we could make it. But even doing that, you still will never be able to do it the same way again. The equipment was a little bit different. It's enough to where if there is only a five percent difference, it will sound different. So, we got ready to mix. Logan Mader mixes our records, and he had done three mixes on different songs, and it was good. But it was like that we hadn't found it yet. Finally, he did the fourth mix on 'The Idol', and there it was, and it didn't sound like the old record. It sounded like a movie soundtrack, and I was like, 'Wow!' I said this is the template for the whole record."


BONFIRE: Lyric Video For New Song 'Crazy Over You':

    A lyric video for the song "Crazy Over You" from German hard rockers Bonfire can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's new album, ‘Temple Of Lies’, which will be released on April 13 via AFM Records.
   Few German rock acts can look back at as long and successful a career as Bonfire. Counting the predecessor — a group called Cacumen, which was also founded by Hans Ziller and featured more or less the same lineup — the band has been around since 1972, has operated under its current moniker since 1986 and released more than two dozen albums. During the most successful phase of the career, Bonfire was counted alongside the Scorpions and Accept as among Germany's three internationally most acclaimed acts, celebrating major success all over Europe and worldwide. Bonfire 's trademarks are and have always been deeply melodic hard rock songs, driven by captivating guitars, grooving rhythms and haunting vocal melodies. All the features that came together so perfectly on their most popular releases ‘Fireworks’ (1987), ‘Point Blank’ (1989) and ‘Branded’ (2011) are present on their current release ‘Temple Of Lies’.
    Thanks to new vocalist Alexx Stahl, who joined the fold two years ago, and a first-rate lineup on all instruments, the band's creativity explodes on "Temple Of Lies" and is bound to wow a younger generation of rock music fans, too.
    "We were extremely lucky to find Alexx," offers Ziller in explanation of the group's current creative and musical high. "He's a team player who looks after his voice in a totally professional way and treats it like the important tool that it is. He doesn't smoke and prepares optimally for every show. In addition, Alexx is a really nice guy. Being at the helm of the band, I couldn't be happier to have him in the band.
    Ziller is just as enthusiastic about his rhythm section consisting of bassist Ronnie Parkes and drummer Tim Breideband ("they seem to have reinvented the groove"), and, of course, guitarist Frank Pané ("one of the most awesome musicians I've ever worked with"). Ziller: "With this lineup, we'll be able to increase the hardness level of our material whenever we feel like it. Numbers such as 'Temple Of Lies' and 'Stand Or Fall' wouldn't have been possible with previous lineups.

    It's not only the occasionally tougher pace that impresses on ‘Temple Of Lies’ (produced by Hans Ziller at the Flatliners Recording Studios in Ingolstadt) from the first to the very last note, but also the album's diverse high-quality songwriting in general. The programmatic album title and expressive cover artwork prove that Ziller & Co. also live up to the responsibility as socially aware musicians, taking to task "the lies of our world and politicians."
‘Temple Of Lies’ track listing:
1. “In The Beginning”
2. “Temple Of Lies”
3. “On The Wings Of An Angel”
4. “Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire)”
5. “Stand Or Fall”
6. “Comin' Home”
7. “I'll Never Be Loved By You”
8. “Fly Away”
9. “I Help You Hate Me”
10. “Crazy Over You”
11. “Comin' Home” (extended acoustic version) (digipak bonus track)
12. “Friedensreich - Let The Madness Continue” (director's cut) (digipak bonus track)


Listen To Rainbow's First All-New Single In More Than 20 Years, “Waiting For A Sign”:

    The first new Rainbow single since 1996, "Waiting For A Sign", can be streamed below. The song was penned by Ritchie Blackmore, with lyrics by his wife Candice Night and vocals from Rainbow 's current singer, Ronnie Romero, who is originally from Chile but is now settled in Madrid.
   The latest incarnation of Rainbow released two new studio recordings last year, but they weren't original compositions; one was an instrumental song called "Land Of Hope And Glory", which was a reworking of the 1902 British patriotic song of the same name from Edward Elgar's "Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1", while the other was a re-recording of the Rainbow classic "I Surrender", which was written by Russ Ballard and was first released by Rainbow in 1981.
    "Waiting For A Sign" will be included on ‘Memories in Rock II’, which is due on April 6 via Minstrel Hall/Soulfood. The set will also contain a double CD of the June 2017 U.K. Rainbow concerts, a DVD containing over 80 minutes of interview footage with the band and crew, an additional backstage clip and a video for the 2017 studio version of "I Surrender".

    In 2017, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore brought his new Rainbow lineup to the U.K. for three unique concerts; these memorable musical moments will be released in high-quality format on a double-disc CD set. Also included in this amazing package will be the backstage videos. Special interviews exclusive to this video set include those with Blackmore, Ronnie Romero, Jens Johansson, Bob Nouveau, Drummer Dave, the lovely backing singers Lady Lynn and Candice Night — as well as the phenomenal crew that brings these shows to the fans; production managers, lighting director, guitar technician, etc.
    The setlist, combining classic tracks from both Deep Purple and Rainbow, was exactly what the fans have requested most and will be found in this double-CD package. A few of the highlights are "Spotlight Kid", "I Surrender", "Mistreated", "Man On The Silver Mountain" / "Woman From Tokyo", "Perfect Strangers", "Black Night" and "Smoke On The Water" — each with Blackmore's stellar performance on guitar and solos executed to perfection by the master. His brilliant fretwork can never be duplicated and is clearly a highlight of each track of this double-CD package.

‘Memories in Rock II’ track listing:
Disc 1:
1. Over The Rainbow”
2. Spotlight Kid”
3. I Surrender”
4. Mistreated”
5. Since You've Been Gone”
6. Man On The Silver Mountain/Woman From Tokyo”
7. 16th Century Greensleeves”
8. Soldier Of Fortune”
9. Perfect Strangers”
10. Difficult To Cure”
11. All Night Long”
12. Child In Time”
Disc 2:
1. Stargazer”
2. Long Live Rock'n'Roll/Lazy”
3. Catch The Rainbow”
4. Black Night”
5. Carry On Jon”
6. Temple Of The King”
7. Smoke On The Water”
8. Waiting For A Sign”
Disc 3:
1. Ritchie Blackmore Interview
2. Ronnie Romero Interview
3. Jens Johansson Interview
4. Bob Nouveau Interview
5. David Keith Interview
6. Candice Night Interview
7. Lady Lynn Interview
8. Dave David Interview
9. Andreas Bock Interview
10. Michael Bockmühl Interview
11. Bonus Backstage Clip
12. I Surrender 2017 Backstage Clip
    Blackmore stepped away from his Renaissance-inspired brand of music with Blackmore's Night in 2016 to perform a handful of shows with a brand-new lineup of the band he had formed after quitting Deep Purple.
    Although Ritchie initially said that he had no plans to make a new Rainbow album — explaining in early 2016 that he wanted to "just get back to playing the old songs one more time" — he revealed to Japan's Burrn! magazine that he changed his mind.
    In addition to Blackmore and Romero, the current incarnation of Rainbow includes Stratovarius keyboardist Jens Johansson, Blackmore’s Night drummer David Keith, bassist Bob Nouveau (a.k.a. Robert "Bob" Curiano, ex- Blackmore’s Night), and backing singers Candice Night and Lady Lynn.
    The two shows Rainbow played in Germany in June 2016 were caught on camera to produce "Memories In Rock - Live In Germany", which was released in November 2016 via Eagle Rock Entertainment on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and digital formats.
    After Ritchie left Deep Purple for the final time in 1993, he reformed Rainbow for one album (1995's "Stranger In Us All") and one tour, ending things in Denmark in 1997.