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    Babylon A.D. is one of the few hard rock bands from the late '80s/early '90s that are still operating with all of their original members: vocalist Derek Davis, guitarists John Matthews and Ron Freschi, drummer Jamey Pacheco and bassist Robb Reid. The group formed in 1987 and to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, Babylon A.D. will release a new album, "Revelation Highway", on November 10 via Frontiers Music Srl.

The video for the first song from the album, "Crash And Burn", can be seen below.

    Davis comments: "This record kicks ass, from the opening track 'Crash And Burn' to the last track, 'Saturday Night'.
"The band had a blast making the album and a lot had to do with original founding member, lead guitarist John Matthews, rejoining the band. He really lit the fire that got the bands blood pumping to make a new record.
"For me, it was awesome to produce and mix such a cool record. It's very hard-hitting yet melodic, with some great lyrical storytelling and great standout tracks like 'One Million Miles', 'Tears', 'Rags To Riches' and 'She Likes To Give It'. The songs are so catchy and memorable on the first listen I know our fans are gonna love it! And, of course, there are some burning guitar leads to keep the metalheads happy.
"The band is very grateful that Frontiers Music Srl listened to the tracks and felt the same way about them as we do and offered us the opportunity to get this record out. We can't wait to hit the road and play the material live."
Featuring ten tracks of the energetic classic hard rock the band is known for, "Revelation Highway" is sure to please fans of Babylon A.D.'s classic early material.
The band will play shows in the U.K. and Germany this August/September to kick off promotion for the album with more touring planned both in the U.S. and Europe.
Revelation Highway’ track listing:
1.) “Crash And Burn
2.) “Fool On Fire
3.) “One Million Miles
4.) “Tears
5.) “She Likes To Give It
6.) “Rags To Riches
7.) “Last Time For Love
8.) “I'm No Good For You
9.) “Saturday Night
10.) “Don't Tell Me Tonight
Babylon A.D. is:
Derek Davis - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Ron Freschi - Guitar, Vocals
John Mathews - Guitar, Keyboards
Robb Reid - Bass, Vocals
James Pacheco - Drums, Percussion





   Steelheart — the brainchild of Miljenko Matijevic, whose powerful voice and multi-octave range is the heart and soul of the band — will release its new album, ‘Through Worlds Of Stardust’, on September 15 via Frontiers Music Srl.

"Come Inside"

    Says Miljenko: "I cannot express how excited I am for you all to hear this new album. Our focus was to bring back the magic in the music with songs that have been lived, loved, laughed and struggled. I best describe this album as 'deep, sexy, loving, twisted, romantic, and hungry rock 'n' roll.' The record was recorded throughout parts of the world, including a live string section recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. I truly hope you enjoy this album as it was created from the heart and no corners were cut. Love you all; we look forward to seeing you on the road."
    Although they were lumped in with the glut of long-haired hard rock bands emerging in the early '90s, Steelheart was always more forward thinking than their peers and the 2017 version of the band has a contemporary and edgy feel, while still retaining the patented powerful vocals of Miljenko. On "Through Worlds Of Stardust", Miljenko has fused his past, present, and future together, creating an undeniable piece of hard rock music. Certainly fans of the band's first three classic albums will be happy to hear those powerful pipes back in action, but fans of modern hard rock acts like Halestorm, Shinedown, Alter Bridge and other melodic-minded rock heavyweights will find much here to love.
    Steelheart released their self-titled debut album in 1990 and, based on the buzz around the hit single "I'll Never Let You Go", was a smashing success (for example, 33,000 albums were sold in one day in Japan) and quickly reached platinum sales. Steelheart sophomore album, ‘Tangled In Reins’, was released in 1992 to critical acclaim and rave reviews, but moderate success in terms of sales in the U.S. (by early '90s standards) due to the well documented rise of grunge music; however, East Asia was a different story, where the band was widely embraced yet again. In the midst of promotion of the album, a serious accident happened on Halloween night in 1992, when an improperly secured lighting truss hit Matijevic on the back of the head, breaking his nose, cheekbone, jaw, and twisting his spine. Almost impossibly, Matijevic managed to walk off the stage of his own strength before being rushed to a hospital. Steelheart, as it was known, ended that night.
    Four years later, Matijevic formed a new version of Steelheart with Kenny Kanowski (guitars), Vincent Mele (bass), and Alex Makarovich (drums) to record and release his third album, ‘Wait’. The album was very different musically from the previous two albums, but featured the song "We All Die Young" (millions of streams and counting on Spotify) which was later included as a re-recorded version in the movie "Rock Star", which saw Matijevic providing the singing voice for Mark Wahlberg's character. The movie soundtrack was performed by Matijevic (and Jeff Scott Soto) on vocals along with Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne's then-guitarist and frontman of Black Label Society), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), and Jason Bonham.
‘Through Worlds Of Stardust’ track listing:
1.) “Stream Line Savings”
2.) “My Dirty Girl”
3.) “Come Inside”
4.) “My Word”
5.) “You Got Me Twisted”
6.) “Lips Of Rain”
7.) “With Love We Live Again”
8.) “Got Me Runnin'”
9.) “My Freedom”
10.) “I'm So In Love With You”

Musicians on the release:
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitars, Ebow Guitars: Miljenko Matijevic
Musicians on the album:
Guitars: Uros Raskovski
Bass: James "Rev" Jones, Sigve Sjursen, Jesse Stern
Drums: Mike Humbert, Randy Cooke
Piano: Daniel Fouché, Ed Roth
Guest guitar solo and part rhythm on "My Dirty Girl" by Kennet Kanowski
Strings composed and conducted by Glen Gabriel
Orchestrated by Anthony Weeden
Performed by Stockholm Strings



    It has been fifteen years since Frontiers first partnered up with Jeff Scott Soto on a release and in celebration of that anniversary, Frontiers Music Srl will release another new album from Jeff on November 10. Co-written and produced together with Jeff Scott Soto alumni Howie Simon, "Retribution" is Jeff's sixth proper solo studio album in a style that fans have come to know and love from the legendary singer over the years.
    Jeff Scott Soto's career spans over thirty years. He was first introduced to the public as the vocalist for guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen's iconic first two solo albums before going on to front esteemed hard rock band Talisman. He is also one of the vocalists for the wildly popular Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the lead vocalist for super group W.E.T. (featuring JSS alongside members of ECLIPSE and WORK OF ART), and creative visionary for the more metal leaning Soto, among many other musical activities he has been involved in. He also held a stint fronting Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers Journey and was one of the vocalists for the officially sanctioned Queen tribute Quee, Extravaganza. His incredible voice has led to many an artist inviting him to do guest lead vocals or background vocals on their albums, including, but not limited to, Stryper, Joel Hoekstra, Saigon Kick, Fergie Frederiksen, Lita Ford, Steelheart, and more.
    In 1994, he released his first solo outing, ‘Love Parade’, followed by the acclaimed ‘Prism’ (2002), ‘Lost In The Translation’ (2005), ‘Beautiful Mess’ (2009) and ‘Damage Control’ (2012).
‘Retribution’ track listing:
1.) “Retribution”
2.) “Inside/Outside”
3.) “Rage Of The Year”
4.) “Reign Again”
5.) “Feels Like Forever”
6.) “Last Time”
7.) “Bullet For My Baby”
8.) “Song For Joey”
9.) “Breakout”
10.)  Dedicate To You”
11.) “Autumn”

* Vocals and keyboards recorded and engineered by Jeff Scott Soto at The Man Canyon, Agoura Hills, California
* Guitars and bass for "Reign Again" recorded and engineered by Andy Zuckerman at The Institute Of Noise, Los Angeles, California
* Drums recorded by Edu Cominato at Daga Music Studios, Brazil
* Mixed and mastered by Adriano Daga at Daga Music Studios, Brazil.
Band members:
Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals, Keyboards
Howie Simon – Guitar, Bass (except on "Reign Again" and "Song For Joey")
Edu Cominato – Drums
August Zadra - Guitar on "Reign Again"
Stephen Sturm - Guitar on "Reign Again"
Carlos Costa - Bass on "Reign Again"
Paul Mendonca - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass on "Song For Joey"



SONS OF APOLLO, the new band featuring former DREAM THEATER members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian alongside Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, MR. BIG, David Lee Roth) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force), will release its debut album, "Psychotic Symphony", on October 20 via InsideOut Music. The disc was produced by the dynamic production duo of Portnoy and Sherinian, also affectionately known as "The Del Fuvio Brothers," which is the nickname given to them over 20 years ago during their time together in Dream Theater.
"Psychotic Symphony" track listing:
1.) “God Of The Sun
2.) “Coming Home”
3.) “Signs Of The Time”
4.) “Labyrinth”
5.) “Alive”
6.) “Lost In Oblivion”
7.) “Figaro/S Whore”
8.) “Divine Addiction”
9.) “Opus Maximus”
   The song "Signs Of The Time" plus, interdictions Part I & II, along with an album teaser can be streamed below.
Mike comments: "''Signs Of The Time' was the very first thing myself, Derek and Bumblefoot wrote when we got together to begin writing for SONS OF APOLLO in March of this year. It starts with this heavy, brutal Bumbleriff (initally coined 'Korntera'), then goes into a cool verse with a two-part vocal melody that I wrote sung by Jeff and myself... which eventually opens up to a HUGE vocal hook in the chorus that Jeff wrote (sung in three-part harmony by Jeff, myself and Bumblefoot). The middle section riffs are a few things that Derek brought in and show why he is the most BADASS keyboard player in the biz (playing the keys like a guitar player on fire!) and then we have the long, extended breakdown and guitar solo which shows why Bumblefoot is one of today's greatest GUITAR HEROES! This album is going to get him the recognition he truly deserves and this particular guitar solo is one of the tastiest, most insane solos I've EVER heard... "So all in all, this song has a little bit of everything that makes SONS OF APOLLO so special...great heavy riffs, amazing solos with individual instrumental virtuosity and a big, catchy chorus with more hooks than a tackle box!!
"I figured this would be a great 'first taste' to introduce the world to this amazing new supergroup... and there's a whole lot more of different musical styles and twist and turns still to come all throughout the album."
SONS OF APOLLO got together very organically, as Portnoy explains: "Derek and I reunited shortly after I left Dream Theater in 2010 and we put together an all-instrumental touring band with he and I, Billy Sheehan, and Tony MacAlpine. That was my first time working with Derek since the '90s when he was in Dream Theater and it was just great to be working with him again. Ever since that tour, which was really just a one-off live thing, he has been nudging me to start a real, original, full-time band. The timing just had never been right, because I had too many other things on my plate. Long story short, the time was finally right to take the bait and put together a band."
"Mike and I work at a relentless pace in the studio," continues Sherinian. "The music is modern, but we have an old-school soul. What is unique about SONS OF APOLLO is that we have true rock 'n' roll swagger along with the virtuosity — a lethal combination!
    But what to call the next great supergroup? "Derek was mainly the one behind the name," says Portnoy. "I have a list that I keep on my phone of about a hundred different band names, which I constantly have to refer to every time I have a new band every year. [Laughs] So, I pulled up the list and APOLLO was one of the names on the list. It was a word that both of us really liked. We started fiddling with different variations of the word. One of the original band names we were working with was APOLLO CREED, the character from the 'Rocky' movies, but after lots of different discussions on different variations, Derek suggested SONS OF APOLLO and it seemed to stick. Apollo is the God of music so with that in mind it seemed like a fitting name."
    Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian and Billy Sheehan previously toured together in 2012 and 2013 as PSMS (along with guitarist Tony MacAlpine), playing all instrumental versions from each of their previously recorded music. SONS OF APOLLO is the next logical progression by adding a vocalist and creating all-original material. The band incorporates the progressive style and individual technical prowess that Portnoy and Sherinian shared together in Dream Theater combined with the swagger and groove of Van Halen, Deep Purple and LED Zeppelin.
"I have known Mike and Derek for a long time, so when they came to me with SONS OF APOLLO, I jumped on this straight away," says Thomas Waber, label manager/A&R international of InsideOut Music. "However, the album they ended up recording exceeded my already high expectations by a long mile! We couldn't be happier about it!"
SONS OF APOLLO will hit the road in 2018 for their first worldwide tour.
"This is a real band," Portnoy declares. "This is going to pick up for me and Billy where The Winery Dogs left off, in terms of this being the next logical full-time thing for us. I'm not saying The Winery Dogs have broken up, because we haven't, we're just on a break. SONS OF APOLLO is absolutely going to be a full-time band and we plan on touring all over the world all throughout 2018 and, honestly, it is the priority for all five of us."
Sherinian agrees: "We will go on a worldwide crusade in 2018 to bring SONS OF APOLLO to as many people as possible. Apollo was the God of music, and we are his mighty offspring!"